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9-2 0-17

The island of Puerto Rico is just DAYS away from full-on apocalyptic doom, as 3.4 Million residents find themselves without food, without water, without electricity and already, roving bands of savages are engaging in looting and robbery, just HOURS after the departure of Hurricane Maria.

For all intents and purposes, Puerto Rico is destroyed.  I got an satellite call from a friend in the capital city, San Juan. He tells me electricity is out on the entire island.  Windows and doors were "blown-in" on almost every structure, INCLUDING some of the cement hurricane shelters!

According to him, every building in San Juan is missing its roof  for as far as the eye can see.  Hundreds of structures are collapsed, many others are leaning-over so badly, no one dares to enter them.

Raging flood waters are everywhere; the island got two FEET of rain in less than twelve hours. 

The floods are knocking homes off their foundations, swamping cars and trucks, flinging them like toys.

The Mayor of San Juan has announced that the electric grid in the city is destroyed and it will be four to six MONTHS before electric is restored!

Today is Wednesday.  By Saturday, everyone is expecting complete chaos because what little food is salvageable, will be gone.  Gangs are already roaming and stealing.

The Apocalypse had to start somewhere.  For America, it appears to be breaking out in Puerto Rico.