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Hurricane Maria Could Take Out Power in Puerto Rico Indefinitely and It’s Too Late to Prepare

Jim Stone

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This morning, at 8:30 AM CST, Maria has 109 MPH peak sustained winds at high elevation, and 83 mph peak sustained winds on the ground. THIS HURRICANE IS B.S. LIKE HURRICANE PATRICIA WAS

FACT: When Hurricane Irma had max sustained winds of 145 mph, you could poke around in the global wind speed map at different elevations, and find winds up to 230 KM/h. That would indicate Irma had winds of only 138 MPH but I chalked that up to sampling errors in the global wind map. But at least it was within 10 mph, so I said (and many people probably remember it) that Irma was not as strong as they were saying if the global wind map was right. But at least it gave an error reference and was not totally off somewhere in looneyville. Obviously Irma had wind speeds higher than 230 KM/h showing at other times.


Now, with Maria, they are saying this hurricane has 160 mph winds, while the global wind map is peaking out at 183 KM/h at high elevation, which corresponds to 109 mph winds as a max anywhere in the hurricane, and on the ground Maria is peaking at 139 KM/h, which corresponds with 83 mph surface winds. This means Maria is not even a major hurricane by any definition. Yet they are pumping Maria up as a cat 5 monster.


FACT: If Maria really had wind speeds of 160 mph, you should be able to poke around in the global wind map and find wind speeds up to 270 KM/h. Yet the strongest it is anywhere is 183 as of (now) 9 PM CST. SOMEBODY IS LYING AT THE NATIONAL HURRIANE CENTER, and you can bet it has everything to do with globalist politics.


Why would they lie? Because Mexico is going to put in place an enormous carbon tax that is going to make gas ridiculously expensive ($4.50 per gallon) and the U.N. is having a meeting on climate change! They did not lie about Irma, but they are lying their butts off with Maria. When it comes to political motives, NOAA and the USGS are the undisputed CHAMPIONS.

YOU CAN BUST NOAA IN REAL TIME. HERE IS THE GLOBAL WIND MAP. Click anywhere you want on Maria, and remember the speed you are seeing is in KM/h. To get MPH, multiply KM/h by 0.6