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THEY ARE LYING ABOUT HURRICANE MARIA /Maria is a Monster / Now a Cat. 5/Leeward Islands

Jim Stone

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Hurricane Maria has max sustained high altitude winds of 119 mph. And it is also a very small hurricane. Yet NOAA is calling Maria a category 5 with 160 mile per hour winds.

Why would they lie? Because Mexico is going to put in place an enormous carbon tax that is going to make gas ridiculously expensive ($4.50 per gallon) and the U.N. is having a meeting on climate change! They did not lie about Irma, but they are lying their butts off with Maria. When it comes to political motives, NOAA and the USGS are the undisputed CHAMPIONS.

Maria has surface winds of only 90 mph. That's more than I'd like to deal with, but it is NOT A CAT 5 SCENARIO.


Maria is a Monster/Now A Cat.5/Leeward Islands

Ventusky does not show any 160mph winds for hurricane Maria. "Top winds are presently 106mph. . ."