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HARVEY Perp Update: Every war is a banker’s war, even weather warfare.


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by State of the Nation

What did the Debt Ceiling and potential Government Shutdown have to do with Harvey hitting East Texas?

Let’s not forget about the border wall either!

State of the Nation

The commentary side of the SOTN platform has offered multiple explanations for the geoengineering and intentional aiming of Hurricane Harvey at East Texas.

All of those very real consequences remain as true today as they did when they were proffered in the aftermath of HARVEY.

Every act of weather warfare usually takes some time to accurately understand what the true purposes are.  HARVEY is no different.  With each passing day more emerges about the causes and effects of this superstorm.

When the magnitude and severity of the weather invasion is as large as Hurricane Harvey was, there are always multiple reasons for waging the weather war.  Determining the priority of those goals accomplished by the NWO cabal will nevertheless require the passage of time to properly tease out.

KEY POINT: There are many wars — military and political, financial and economic — going on right now across the planet; however, the never-ending banker’s war that uses both weather warfare and environmental terrorism are by far the most highly consequential.  See World Wars I and II as examples of exactly what the banksters will do to jumpstart their global perpetual war economy.  In 2017, the state of the Global Economic & Financial System is such that snake of predatory capitalism is now eating its own head. Therefore, the ongoing weather warfare is much more fast and furious as the geoengineered HARVEY superstorm has demonstrated.

Debt Ceiling and potential Government Shutdown

Among all of the objectives behind the HARVEY assault, it’s now evident that an immediate goal was to compel President Trump to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government shutdown.

The following two articles were published by CNBC, a major mouthpiece for bankster powerhouse Goldman Sachs.

The first one indicates a 50% chance of a government shutdown on August 18th.

1st: Goldman: There is a ‘50% chance’ of a government shutdown

The second post emphasizes that the threat of a shutdown had lowered to 35% after HARVEY hit its mark—Houston.

2nd: Goldman lowers odds of government shutdown to 35% because of Hurricane Harvey

Then along comes Trump, who quite unpredictably does the following:

In Latest Reversal, Trump Weighs Tying Debt Limit Increase To Harvey Disaster Aid

Even the border wall is now in play

“The storm has utterly transformed the federal fiscal picture.”


The New York Times just published a piece that basically makes a case for the direct relationship between HARVEY damage and the urgent need to increase the debt ceiling.

But the most radioactive disclosure in that NYT article is this:

“This is going to change the whole dynamic for September and, quite frankly, for the Republican establishment for the remainder of the 115th Congress,” said G. William Hoagland, a longtime chief budget adviser to Senate Republicans who is now a senior vice president at the Bipartisan Policy Center. “The truth of the matter is, they don’t need money to build a wall in Texas, but to rebuild the shoreline in Texas.”[1]

In view of the utter devastation to the Texas coastline, it’s fair to say that the promised border wall is no longer on Trumps “To Do” list.

How could it be when the need to rebuild East Texas is so demanding and urgent?  The extraordinary challenges facing a great number of Texans basically compels the POTUS to take the wall off his priority list.

How convenient for the banksters that HARVEY ravaged a critical border state.  Not only that, but the politicos will definitely not let this disaster go to waste.  Just watch all the political posturing begin after Labor Day … most of which will be conducted on behalf of the banksters.

International Banksters

The international banksters have a LOT of money.

They can pay for geoengineers to fabricate a superstorm and steer it into any coastline they want to.  Targeting New York City, like they did with Superstorm Sandy in October of 2012, is a cinch for these geoengineering crackerjacks.

In  fact Hurricane Harvey, just like the 3 sisters of 2005 — Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma — was a deliberately geoengineered storm that had many other purposes.  The two links below spell them out:

Hurricane Harvey: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targets Texas—WHY?

HARVEYGEDDON: Who geoengineered it? And why now?


In light of this ongoing predicament, whereby weather warfare can be used against any city or state, country or continent, it’s high time to stop the weather war crimes.  Perhaps the people of Texas will lead the charge? Will Texas use the Hurricane Harvey attack to shut down geoengineering?

As Commander-in-Chief, President Trump has the highest authority over the nation’s skies.  What will it take for him to terminate the chemtrails as well as other forms of weather manipulation and climate engineering?

Would he act decisively if the geoengineers hit Trump Tower in NYC or Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach?  Let’s hope the perps won’t get that far.  And that he closes down Operation Indigo Skyfold before it does more damage to the USA.

OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

State of the Nation

September 1 , 2017


[1] Is the New York Times telegraphing the true reasons behind the geoengineered superstorm HARVEY?