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Climate Change. Uh-Huh

By Anna Von Reitz

June 6th 2017

"Climate Change" is code for "Excuse to Tax".  Any excuse will do. 

Back in 1974, the same parties now running around yowling about "Global Warming" were yowling then about "Global Cooling".  They were as intellectually devoid of sense and honor then as they are now.

The Earth we live on is a living, breathing organism.  It changes.  So do you.

Whoopee!  Call the Governor!  Call the Press Corps!

It is interesting to note that the same climate alarmists responsible for all this hype are the same ones who predicted that the Earth would be totally overcome by the "burden" of overpopulation.  We were all supposed to have died off by 1980.

To quote Gomer Pyle, "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

No sign of anything these hoaxers have predicted happening to date.

Which points up another fact of life.  These people always and I do mean ALWAYS start out by trying to scare you.  That is so they can apply their Hegelian Dialectic. ---fancy words to describe a con job process.

First, they scare you silly over something that doesn't exist, or which exists only because they created the problem or which exists but nobody can do anything about anyway.  

(The singular personification of "the" Devil is an example of the first, ISIS is an example of the second, and "climate change" is an example of the third starting point choice.)

Then they raise a bunch of outcry and howling and "educating" and draw a lot of attention to themselves and collect a lot of money under false pretenses either as a protection racket or for political action.

Then they claim credit for themselves for having solved this terrible problem that they so heroically brought to public attention and thereby saved everyone.


Well, this happens to be the sequence that most actual, factual public problem resolutions follow --- the difference is the starting point.

These people cynically choose a false start and create the whole hoop-la to profit themselves and for no other reason.

Climate change has been going on for billions of years.  It will continue.

They know this.

On a world scale, it is just a repeat of the same scam David Rockefeller used to "corporatize" the United States.

Find an excuse for racketeering, then give kickbacks to ensure that everyone gets on board.

Been there. Done that.  Ready to LMAO if they think they are going to pull it again.