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EPIC IDIOCY: NBC News journo Ron Allen announces that Obama's climate change deal will stop hurricanes forever... even the hurricanes on Saturn?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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Oct. 6, 2016

(NaturalNews) Delusional democrats are doing everything in their power right now to link Hurricane Matthew to global warming, and the best example of the nonsense we're witnessing on all this is found in a broadcast segment featuring NBC's Ron Allen, a democrat operative who pretends to be a journalist.

While covering Obama's comments on the Paris climate change agreement, Allen stated that Obama's efforts were designed to stop hurricanes, as if somehow paying carbon taxes to Al Gore will halt the spinning of the Earth and the sun's warming of the oceans -- those are the two primary forces resulting in hurricanes, which exist on EVERY planet in the cosmos that has an atmosphere, a sun and some rotational momentum.

Hurricanes exist on EVERY planet with an atmosphere, sunlight and rotation

Yes, science buffs, hurricanes existed long before mankind ever came along. Hurricanes are the natural result of basic physics on any planet containing water, an atmosphere and sunlight exposure. There are hurricane-like events on Venus, Jupiter and even on Saturn. Everybody at NASA knows this, but the entire democrat party is totally oblivious to real science and thus remains totally ignorant about the reality of what's happening across the entire cosmos.

From National Geographic:

A monster-size hurricane raging around Saturn's north pole has come into focus, thanks to NASA's Cassini spacecraft, and researchers hope it will help shape our understanding of similar storms on Earth. "Morphologically, this giant storm resembles that of hurricanes and typhoons on Earth -- with an eye at its center and spiraling clouds outside -- but this Saturnian hurricane is on a titanic scale," said Kunio Sayanagi, a Cassini imaging team member at Hampton University in Virginia.

Is it Obama's goal to also stop the hurricanes on Saturn, I wonder? Can we pay more money to Al Gore to halt the storms on Jupiter, too? Seriously, how can we save the entire cosmos from the scourge of hurricanes caused by me running my diesel tractor in Texas?

"Just the eye of the storm is estimated to stretch 1,250 miles (2,000 kilometers) across -- more than 20 times larger than hurricanes that swirl on Earth," reports National Geographic. Gee, that must mean we have to pay even MORE money to Al Gore if we hope to stop these really massive hurricanes on Saturn, right? I mean, the horror of it... think of the poor Saturnians! (Note: The Clinton Foundation is currently accepting donations to help rebuild low-income housing on Saturn, to anyone who wants to make large cash donations...)

PHOTO: A giant hurricane on Saturn. Will Obama's climate deal stop this, too, if we only pay enough money to Al Gore?

NBC's Ron Allen: Hurricanes all over the cosmos are caused by burning fossil fuels with time-traveling emissions, right?

Hurricanes like the one bearing down on Florida "is what this whole climate agreement signed by 190 nations and now ratified by 60 or so is designed to stop," spurted Allen, spontaneously imagining a cartoon world where human laws written on pieces of paper will magically halt the laws of physics and climatology.

This is exactly the same stupid thing democrats do when it comes to laws of economics and mathematics, by the way: They leap into fairytale la-la land and start blabbing complete nonsense that they hope sounds convincing to uninformed, low-information democrat voters. "Hurricanes are caused by Man, and the unemployment rate in America is only 5.7%!"

Right. So given the fact that hurricanes were happening on planet Earth for millions of years before humankind ever existed, does that mean global warming also has time-traveling effects that cause modern pollution to invoke hurricanes in the past? Does Ron Allen believe that hurricanes on other planets are the result of man-made global warming, too? Does Ron Allen even understand that the Earth is a sphere, or is he a flat-Earther who lives in denial of reality of the laws of motion?

Seriously, how many dumbed-down democrats even understand the Coriolus effect in the first place? Do they even realize that there's a physics-based reason why hurricanes spin one way north of the equator, but they spin the opposite direction south of the equator? I very much doubt there's 1 in 1000 democrats who have any freaking clue what I'm talking about, which just goes to show you how incredibly stupid they are about their own home planet. That also makes them incredibly gullible to believe almost any stupid, cartoonish explanation offered by Obama, or Al Gore, or NBC's Ron Allen, who no doubt earned an "F" in his high school science classes.

To learn more about the Coriolus effect and why hurricanes have existed for as long as the planet has been around, check out this explanation from NASA.

And yet, according to NBC's Ron Allen, the hurricane threatening Florida right now is all a result of mankind's pollution and has nothing to do with the physics of planetary motion, solar energy and the Coriolus effect. To push the dumbed-down democrat narrative on climate change, he says:

[I]t’s very interesting that this is happening a day when there’s a hurricane bearing down on the United States and in the Caribbean because these severe storms, beach erosions, intense weather episodes that we’ve had is perhaps the most practical sample of what the president was talking about as the threat that the planet faces[.]

According to the retarded leftist media, hurricanes never happened before the Industrial Revolution

Like nearly all brainwashed, dumb-as-dirt democrats who are too stupid to even know anything about their own planet, Ron Allen also believes that no natural disasters even took place on planet Earth before the Industrial Revolution, ridiculously imagining there were no forest fires, no droughts, no floods, no hurricanes and no earthquakes until the invention of the combustion engine.

The complete idiocy of mainstream journalists just never ceases to amaze me. Day after day, these fake journalists (who are really shameless democrat operatives and shills for Hillary Clinton) repeatedly demonstrate just how incredibly stupid, foolish and ignorant they are on every topic imaginable, from climatology to economics to history. They are so stupid that if respiration wasn't built into their own nervous systems, they probably couldn't figure out how to breathe.

And I don't mean to single out Ron Allen specifically... he's no more stupid than any of the rest of them. They are universally stupid on every topic, demonstrating absolutely no grasp of reality, no cognitive function to speak of and no knowledge of real science whatsoever. These people all live in fairy tale lands of political delusion. They are too stupid to do anything in the real world, which is why they must find jobs in the delusional, fake world of news media theatrics. Their entire experience of "journalism" is nothing more than reading cue cards and mouthing out teleprompter scripts written for them by someone else. The astonishing ignorance of Ron Allen is just a symptom of a much larger problem, which is the complete dumbing down of society by globalists pushing laughably false narratives and quack science while poisoning everybody with fluoride in the water and mercury in flu shots.

My advice to people like Ron Allen is to go back to high school and finish your education before you pretend to be a journalist who knows what they're talking about. Or better yet, move to the moon where you can finally live in a hurricane-free environment because there's no atmosphere, no oceans and very little planetary rotation to worry about. People like you are so stupid, you probably don't even realize the moon rotates once every 27 days or so, even as the same side of the moon always faces the Earth. You have no knowledge of the world, no knowledge of the solar system, no knowledge of the cosmos and absolutely no knowledge of reality. You are a hopelessly stupid person which is exactly why you have a job at NBC: "Nothing But Crap."

What authors say about climate change and global warming

Here's a small collection of quotes on climate change science from a few authors who actually know something about science:

Since 1979, when the satellite record began, there has been no discernible global warming, despite predictions from the computer models that the earth should be warming at a rate of about one-quarter degree per decade. In fact, the data actually show a slight cooling.

- 101 Things You Don't Know About Science and No One Else Does Either by James Trefil

On June 13th 2012, at the Royal Society in London, Professor Vahrenholt delivered the annual Global Warming Policy Foundation lecture. He described well the spectacular rise of Mann's stick1: How often has this hockey stick been used as proof for the anthropogenic causes of climate change in recent years! Al Gore used the hockey stick in his infamous film The Inconvenient Truth. Thousands of copies of this film were bought by the German Environment Minister to be shown to school children. Countless school children have been dragged into cinemas to watch this film. And even I fell for this hockey stick. We now know, thanks to Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, that the statistical methods used by Michael Mann were flawed, and that many of the used tree-ring data were questionable.

- A Disgrace to the Profession by Mark Steyn

[Rising temperatures results in higher CO2, not the other way around...]

Since the temperature differences between magma and seawater is so extreme, even the slightest shifts in magma convection on a global scale could potentially contribute to global warming by heating the oceans. Unfortunately, this area of science is not well developed. It's true that the current rise in ocean temperatures, and the rapid melting of glaciers, are tracking closely with surface temperatures and atmospheric C02 concentrations from paleoclimatic evidence. A simple experiment, however, can demonstrate the difficulty with establishing cause and effect. Just turn up the heater in an aquarium and measure CO, concentrations in the air above it as water temperatures rise. The results will likely mirror the paleoclimatic record because, as temperature rises, so does natural CO, production from bacterial respiration and other biological sources.

- SCIENCE FOR SALE - How the US Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits by David L. Lewis, PhD

You can believe in anthropogenic global warming, an impending ice age, solar heating, natural variability or no big deal whatever happens, and still regret the appalling damage done to climate science by Mann's total war in service of a piece of cartoon climatology by a one-stick pony. Yet the real question is not whether "most scientists " dismiss the hockey stock today, but why more scientists didn't denounce it back then. Too many people who should have known better sat idly by as an obscure researcher, with the ink barely dry on his PhD, overturned the accumulated scientific wisdom of centuries - because it was convenient to the political goals of activists, bureaucrats, politicians - and above all an ambitious new transnational bureaucracy, the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change. 2 "The whole hockey-stick episode reminds me of the motto of Orwell's Ministry of Information. " professor William Happer, phd Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University and a member of the US Government's group of independent scientific advisors JASON, for whom he pioneered the development of adaptive optics.

- A Disgrace to the Profession by Mark Steyn

Consequently, the degrowth movement has attempted to conceal its paganlike militant opposition to fossil fuels and carbon dioxide by mainstreaming its agenda with politically generated and well-funded campaigns promoting what was once called "manmade global cooling," then "man-made global warming," and now "man-made climate change." Nonetheless, like most dogmatists, the degrowthers are impatient. The revolution is now and change must be immediate. Thus, the degrowthers' agenda is built around hysterical doomsday predictions of environmental armageddon, which can only be avoided by the imposition of their severe, ideologically driven agenda.

- Plunder and Deceit - Big Government's Exploitation of Young People and the Future by Mark R Levin