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Mike Baillie

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Dear friends,

Right now bulldozers are clearing a tiny speck of rainforest where earth's last 800 Tapanuli Orangutans cling to life. 

It's all to build a hydropower dam that could easily push them to extinction

But Indonesia's President can still cancel the dam, and he wants to be seen as the people's president. So if we build a massive campaign and get huge media coverage -- he could do it! Wildlife experts are meeting him in days and will deliver our call -- so add your name to the petition below with one click before the diggers do more damage! 

Save the Last Tapanuli Orangutans -- Sign Now!

To Indonesian President, Joko Widodo:

"As citizens from across the world, we urge you to save the last 800 Tapanuli Orangutans from extinction by cancelling the Batang Toru hydropower dam. The fate of this entire species rests in your hands."

Save the Last Tapanuli Orangutans -- Sign Now!

The Tapanuli Orangutans were only discovered months ago, and with fewer than 800 left, they instantly became the world's most endangered great ape species. Their only home is one shrinking patch of rainforest in Indonesia -- and this hydropower dam would be built right in the middle of where they live! No wonder major development banks won't touch it. 

Orangutans are basically family -- we share 97% of our DNA. They laugh at jokes, cry real tears, and can clearly tell what it means when a massive digger arrives. We can't leave them to face that alone and be wiped out forever. So we have to stop this -- together! 

Let's build a giant campaign to make them famous, help journalists expose the destruction, and take out media ads to push Indonesia's President to scrap the dam and save these desperate orangutans. Sign now and tell everyone!   

Save the Last Tapanuli Orangutans -- Sign Now!


Scientists say we're living through the sixth mass extinction, and it's mostly caused by humans. But at the same time, we've never been more able to respond to the crisis, and there's no other global movement on earth that can do it quick enough, loud enough. So let's save them! 

With hope and determination,

Mike, Lisa, Sarah, Spyro, and the whole team at Avaaz

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