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ALERT: Stop the latest assault on the Arctic

Karla Dutton

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Polar bears and other Arctic marine

wildlife need you to speak up!


Could you imagine a Deepwater Horizon-level blowout off the coast of Alaska?

This latest proposal from the Trump Administration would greatly increase the odds of such a catastrophe. And make no mistake: A blowout in the Arctic ocean would be even more deadly to wildlife and to oil rig workers in these remote areas than the 2010 BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster.

An Arctic blowout would kill or injure countless polar bears, beluga and bowhead whales, Pacific walrus and a host of other species that call the Arctic home. Even worse, it would contaminate their sensitive habitats for decades to come.

We need your immediate help to stop this appalling effort to loosen safety rules.

In 2016, the Obama Administration put in place critically needed new safety standards for offshore rigs to prevent another Deepwater Horizon. And so far these standards have worked. There was not a single major spill in 2017.

But now the Trump Administration, bowing to the greed of the oil industry and pressure from Congress, wants to turn back the clock and weaken these sensible and life-saving rules.

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Patrick, don’t forget the BP Deepwater Horizon spill killed 11 men, a million seabirds and countless marine species from dolphins to sea turtles to deep sea coral communities. Even today, nearly a decade later, the ecological harm of that spill is still sickening and killing marine wildlife.

Tell the Trump Administration to leave these critical safety standards in place.

The American people do not want to weaken offshore oil drilling safety standards. The current standards protect the marine environment, its wildlife, and people. This reckless plan must be stopped.

Thanks for all you do.


Karla Dutton

Karla Dutton

Alaska Program Director

Defenders of Wildlife