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ACTION: Senate to vote on the fate of wolves and bears in Alaska!

Pat Levin

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Tell your Senators to oppose H.J. Res. 69!


Wolves and bears in Alaska desperately need your help.

The Senate is preparing to vote on H.J. Res. 69 - legislation that would revoke a regulation that helps protect wolves, bears and other carnivores on national wildlife refuges in Alaska from brutal killing practices.

If this bill succeeds, Alaska could authorize extreme killing methods, such as shooting mother bears with cubs and killing wolves with pups, on public lands that belong to all of us.

This is our last chance to stop this deadly legislation – the time to act is now.

Please, urge your Senators to oppose H.J. Res. 69 and to protect America’s wildlife!

Anti-wildlife Members of Congress are using an obscure law called the Congressional Review Act to toss aside a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) regulation that restricts gruesome methods of "predator control" on Alaska national wildlife refuges. In addition, discarding this rule could slam the door on any future regulations that aim to conserve these animals on refuge lands.

Alaska’s scheme targets wolves and bears through extreme methods, including killing mother bears and cubs, killing wolves and pups in their dens, and trapping, baiting and using airplanes to scout and shoot bears.

A Senate vote on this resolution is imminent. We need you to speak out for wildlife and let your Senators know that H.J. Res. 69 is unacceptable!

please take action today to help wolves, bears and other predators! >>

Thanks for all you do for the wildlife you and I love.


Pat Lavin

Pat Lavin

Alaska Representative

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