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Will you sign this petition to save rhinos?

Sara Thomas

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Oct. 13, 2016

Nearly 1,400 rhinos were slaughtered across Africa last year.

Rhinos are killed with one purpose: to cut off their horns for illegal wildlife trade. This is unacceptable.

The rhino-poaching crisis erupted in 2006 when a rumor began circulating in Vietnam that rhino horn cures cancer. It doesn't. From there, it quickly became even more in demand as a status symbol when rhino horn began to be gifted to show wealth and power. In just a few years, the last known wild rhino in Vietnam—belonging to a rare Asian species—was found dead with its horn hacked off.

Today, 10 years later, the craze for rhino horn in Vietnam continues, and criminal gangs are smuggling in thousands of rhino horns from South Africa.

Poaching of rhinos in Africa continues unabated, despite intense efforts by many African governments to combat it. Vietnam's government has done almost nothing to end the slaughter, although a directive on wildlife crime from the Prime Minister to law enforcement in September was a promising first step.

Vietnam must act now to shut down its rampant rhino horn and ivory trade.

Act Now to Save Rhinos  ►

World Wildlife Fund officials from around the globe will be in Vietnam in November, when the country hosts the critical International Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade.

We want to show the Vietnamese government the world cares about rhinos. Sign our letter now, and we'll deliver it in person to government officials. Together, we can save Africa's rhinos.

Thank you for your continued effort to help us save the world's most precious animals.


Sara Thomas

Sara Thomas

Manager, Online Advocacy

World Wildlife Fund