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Prayers Needed: Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue

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Feb. 18, 2012

Dedicated to saving abandoned, abused, neglected and slaughter bound horses through Rescue, Adoption, Sanctuary, Education, and Horse Inspired Growth and Healing Programs

February 2012




Dear Friend,


You have been a blessing.  Your support in the past has allowed us to make miracles happen. 


With your donations we've rescued hundreds of horses - literally.  We've been able to find hundreds of homes for adoptable rescued horses - literally hundreds.


We've implemented educational and healing programs that not only serve our horses, but humans who need healing as well.


With your support Lifesavers has grown into the largest wild and domestic horse rescue in the world - when measured by all the things we have done and do. 


This doesn't mean we have the most money in the world.  Oh not even close.  There are many other horse rescues and animal welfare organizations who have healthier bank accounts than us - that's for sure.  Some of them have millions of dollars in their accounts.  We do not.


We spend every penny on keeping our horses fed, healthy and happy.  And that includes the overhead for running a ranch and the administration for keeping all the files and legalities in order and even the cost of fund raising.  But the point is we spend it on our mission. 


Usually we keep a small amount aside for emergencies.  Well the sad news is - we have been having to spend our emergency money on hay for the horses and paying the bills.


The cost of hay has doubled in the last year.  So what used to cost $30,000 per month to feed over 400 horses is now costing $60,000.  We had no idea this was to become the reality it is today.  But as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization we have no choice but to beg and pray for the funds to carry on.


We are making adjustments...I have taken a substantial cut in my pay as Exec. Director. This is my job and I do have to eat too. But I am happy to give up some of my grocery money to give to the horses.  That's my obligation and responsibility to do so - I'm not complaining.


We are cutting back in all areas that we can and it may soon be necessary to let go of some of our staffing.  The very people who make sure the horses are fed and watered and medicated and loved every day.  The quality of care will be affected by cutbacks. 


But what else can we do?


Look at the photos in the column on the left.  These are some of the faces of the rescued horses we have promised to give new life too.  We have promised that they will never go hungry or be abused or neglected again. Never - ever.


And if that's not moving your heart, then take a look at this video that shows how some of the horses came in...sick and skinny and barely alive and then how they heal and thrive under our care.


Rescued Horses - Before and After
Rescued Horses - Before and After

I am asking you as a lover of animals, as a lover of horses, as a true friend and supporter of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, to dig into your pocket and send as much or as little as you can this month.  It will mean more than it ever has.


You know, most people are very willing to help in the face of a rescue - when horses are in danger of being sent to slaughter.  Thank God for that support as it definitely saves lives.  But truthfully the "rescue" of horses begins after we save them from their terrible circumstance.  At that point, we make a commitment and a promise to see to their every need - even through adoption.


Unfortunately - this is the area that a lot of folks don't find exciting or important - but it is so very important.  Please don't drop the ball on the horses that you have helped us rescue in the past.  They still need you - we still need you!


I completely understand the hardship of times right now.  Christmas was just a couple months ago, taxes are due soon, and the cost of just existing in this country is higher than ever.  I know that - I live here too.  And this is why I am asking you to do anything you can right now to help us feed the horses.  Because so many others are not able to. 


I have faith - I believe in miracles.  I believe in the power of prayer...God's gift to us is that prayers can be answered and miracles can happen.


If you cannot afford even the smallest amount this month to help us feed and care for the hundreds of rescued horses that would otherwise have suffered a terrible agonizing death - whose tortured spirits would forever haunt us in our dreams...


then please send prayers.  Pray that we will be able to reach our goal of $60,000 this month to feed the horses.  If we can reach that amount I'm confident that we will also be able to pay the other bills.  But my priority - the single most important thing that we must do here at Lifesavers - is feed our babies. 


Our babies - yours and mine - Lifesavers.  Remember you are a Lifesaver too.





Jill Starr




























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