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The World-Wide Panorama

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g the WWP website together with Google Earth

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a virtual globe, based on satellite and aerial photography.

The application is available free of charge from Google, and currently supports Windows-based PCs, Mac OS X and Linux. Check with the Google Earth website for updates.

Installing our placemark file

We offer the GPS data for the World Wide Panorama as a networked Google Earth placemark file, available for download above. Depending on your system's configuration, you may see our World Wide Panorama markers appear automatically in Google Earth's Temporary Items folder after the download, or you may need to confirm that the downloaded file should be opened in Google Earth. The placemark file will read the most recent version of our markers from our homepage to stay up-to-date.

Interacting between Google Earth and the World Wide Panorama Website

Once loaded, the panorama locations will show as markers all over Google Earth's virtual globe. A click on those markers will open a pop-up with a preview and offer to open a browser window with the panorama page of the World Wide Panorama.

In the other direction, clicking on the "Show in Google Earth" link on a panorama page will tell Google Earth to move its "flying camera" to the location of the panorama.

Note: This just moves the camera, it does not place a marker. This feature is intended to work with our pre-loaded placemark file. Depeding on your Google Earth version, this may or may not work.


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