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Photo of the day! From pristine blue sky to sickly yellow in 30 minutes: Chemtrails above North Holland

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Where I live in North Holland we are enjoying a beautiful spell of record-breaking warm weather, with wall to wall sunshine and unprecedented temperatures of around 16 deg C, 61 deg F, we have been lucky enough to miss the record-breaking snowfall in Germany and Austria and the record-breaking cold which hit Greece earlier this year.

Yesterday I decided to sit in the garden and catch my first vitamin D rays of 2019.

Around 12: pm, I sat in a comfy chair ready to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in the garden. Within minutes the pristine blue sky began to turn a sickly yellow as lines and lines of chemtrails appeared almost simultaneously, within half an hour the sun had been blotted out completely. I managed to take a couple of pictures with my cell-phone.

Gary Walton

Hawkeye18 February 2019 at 11:36

Good job Gary! Technically they are not chemtrails though. They are chemicals sprayed in the sky, yes, but because this subject is so covered up the word chemtrails appears in search engines as another meaning and keeps the disinformation going strong. The science term for these lines in the sky is geoengineered aerosol dispersement trails. Also known as SRM, solar radiation management, Terra forming is another science name for it all. When you search these words you get info on geoengineering and no false information.

The heat is on now globally as I have been checking because here in FL, U.S. it is hot as well. I read an article from Popular Science (propaganda science) saying that "they" are now expecting those extreme winter cold snaps to be ending soon and winters will start to get warmer. See!? Just like it is supposed to do when a globe is warming! Proves those cold snaps were fake. All that BS about global warming can cause extreme winter cold is just that, bull shit! So I wonder why? Is geoengineering failing? Are conditions getting so bad their poison treatment meds aren't working anymore? Is it just a hiatus of some kind like with chemo, if you do too much you kill the patient so there has to be a period of time off the poison meds? Something is up. There is another science research paper out warning of a 50 gigaton methane bomb ready to blow in the arctic north pole. It was from NASA GISS data, predicting this to culminate in 1-4 years. The temps there are 65 degrees F above normal. More proof that a warm arctic couldn't possibly send sub zero temps south to us all! Maybe this arctic information has something to do with why they expect winters to start warming now. Have they killed the poles by robbing all that cold moisture to give us all our fake winter weather systems? Now there is no more cool moisture up there, or it is broken apart ( the split polar vortex explanation?) One thing is for sure, you can't fool mother nature and if you try like they have been with this toxic Geo crap then she is going to fire back hard, and I can't say as I blame her! Time looks to be running out. Don't stop reporting about this! Thank you!

Gary Walton18 February 2019 at 19:48

Well thank you too Hawkeye but...We have been having mild winters here since 2012, which was the last time it really got cold, since then just mild winters, we are in fact having having more and more high pressure systems which get stuck, just like the one we are having now and the jet stream is sucking up warm air from North Africa bringing warmer settled weather here in Holland and the UK I believe.

Hawkeye19 February 2019 at 12:09Gary, have you seen this site?..... (seemorerocks)

She has good reporting and her most recent post has some information regarding what you just replied to me about your warm winter temps from high pressure. I highly recommend her information! Thought you might be interested. With what you described in the picture(s), probably the silver iodide making the yellow. One of the "weather modification" chems used. Its a known cloud seeder ingredient.

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