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Walter Schmidt

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FW:  Dec. 16, 2016


Dear Colleagues,

We need to get the word out! As we are nearing the submission confirmations of selected film festivals to expose ongoing Atmospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering programs we are greatly relying on your donations to expand our reach. Every contribution has a tremendous impact on exposing a subject matter that has a stranglehold on our health and is endangering the future for generations to come. With every donation we are able to reach further and raise awareness about the ongoing crimes against humanity please consider a donation at:

Dane Wigington, founder of said: "This documentary provides a mountain of indisputable data that is very clearly and thoroughly presented. Aerosol dispersion types and methods, radio frequency manipulation of the atmospheric aerosols, who is involved with the programs and why, all are addressed and disclosed." His closing comments on the movie: "This documentary will provide a very powerful tool for effectively waking the masses to the climate engineering insanity that is occurring over our heads every single day (and other critical issues/threats that we collectively face). \"No One Gets Out Alive\" was directed by Walter Schmidt, a very dedicated individual that has devoted himself to the fight against climate engineering. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to Walter for his tireless research and work on this essential documentary."

Meanwhile we have released the first two movie trailers that you can view here:

Movie Trailer #1(  and Movie Trailer #2.(

Visit our website at:

and read Dane Wigington's review (link on Website)

Thank you for your support and please spread the word about this new documentary! Together we can make a difference!

Walter Schmidt

Director, "No One Gets Out Alive!"