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Stopping the Chemtrails

Brian Andrews

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Follow up:

THANK YOU! Last week's call to action was an overwhelming success. Thousands of people sent their chemtrail photos to CBS Atlanta.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to those who you who live outside the U.S.that sent photos. It is very important that we make the U.S. media aware that this is a global problem.

My friend Greg Scott of altered me last week to the request from CBS Atlanta. After I posted the call for chemtrail photos on, we had a massive surge in traffic - FOR THREE DAYS. I also heard from some people that emails to CBS Atlanta bounced because they received so many emails that their inbox was full. I told Greg about the massive action taken by chemtrail activists around the globe.

Encouraged by your response, a brilliant idea came to him: Why wait for all of the major news media outlets to ask for our chemtrail photos? They want them. They just don't realize it yet. So, let's send our photos to all of them. We are doing them a huge favor by doing so because one of them is going to break wide-open the biggest story ever.When that happens (and it WILL HAPPEN VERY SOON if we all take action), it will lead to the truth being revealed and a stop to spraying - WORLDWIDE.

Greg wrote up simple, step-by-step instructions for contacting ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, Time Magazine, and Newsweek. He tells you WHY everyone worldwide should should contact them NOW and HOW YOU can contact all of them with about 60 minutes of effort, which you can spread out over multiple days. The instructions are posted on both and

Please either forward this email or one of the above link to everyone that you know.

Many blessings to you all and your families. I have been deeply touched by those of you that have personally contacted me. Let's all keep taking action until we know that our families can safely breathe the air.

Brian Andrews

900 Euclid, Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA