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Wow! Close to 500 Attend Redding, 'What In The World Are They Spraying?'

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ho breathes and hopes to continue in good health should know about this.

Rose  wrote:

 Hi All:

Wow, what a night! I had the opportunity to experience people from all walks of life show up in numbers (near 500 counted), willing and wanting to know more about what is happening in our skies.  Because I volunteered to be at the sign-in table, I was able to speak to many people as they were going in and out of the film and panel discussion.

Below are just a few of the comments I heard:

"Wow, I can't believe that so many people showed up for this film!  I mean, this is Redding, CA where so many have been so apathetic for so long! It really is uplifting to see that others care and want to know more about this issue."

"I was moved by the film, I am a special education teacher and I have seen a dramatic rise in the our area (Redding) of children with special needs.  I feel the aluminum the citizens are finding in the water and snow pack samples are very much related to this dramatic rise."

"I am so thankful for you people, I have been seeing these chemtrails crisscross our skies here in Redding for many years now and it is so disheartening when I try to inform people about this, that most try to deny or pretend that these are just normal clouds. This film and what you are doing here is so important in helping people like myself be able to speak up on this issue and not be afraid to be called names.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

We had so many people not only sign up to join the Coalition Against Geoengineering, but also sign up to stay connected locally and do whatever they can to share this with friends, family and others.  Many bought the video to support these courageous filmmakers and also took all the education materials we had on the tables and the extra copies we had duplicated for those of little funds.  We had high school kids thanking us and promising they would share this with their peers. 

What I realize about this film is it is a powerful motivator for people of young and old.  We were told that it has received in just in the few weeks of its release over 1 million estimated downloads for viewing! 

Anyone who has not seen the film, it is my understanding that Couch Critics [video/CD store in Mt. Shasta City, CA] has been donated a copy (I plan to donate a couple more copies this week).  You can either rent it for free at Couch Critics or with a donation of $20.00, receive a copy from me.  $12.00 of that money goes to the filmmakers and the other $8.00 goes to the efforts locally to stop this crime against nature and all Beings.

You can also support the film tour efforts by donating, signing up or purchasing the film at:

Become a member of the coalition at:

You may also consider donating to: Deborah Whitman's effort with Environmental Voices, of Davis, CA

Many blessings to all,

Rose :)

The Blue Sky Mission

Mt. Shasta skies should look like this (early August 2010),



not like this (Mt. Shasta skies looking eastward, taken in summer of 2009) ..........

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