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The Crazies - Chemtrail Zombies and FEMA Camps (Hollywood exploits the chemtrail agenda) Part 1/3

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Summary - A chemtrail jet crashes in a small towns water supply turning the residence of the town into zombies but is the zombification due to the actual crash or to ongoing spraying?

The military arrives and takes over the town rounding up the locals into FEMA camps and killing people at will. This is part of Illuminati philosophy. They must show you what they are doing either in schools, books or most often movies so that they can say they warned you and thus blame your free will for allowing it to happen.

They believe they can thus negate the cosmic law of karma and continue to do evil. Also when someone mentions that people are getting sick from chemtrails the programmed response will be "oh you just watch too many zombie movies." Chemtrails are a real and ongoing global military series of experiments. You have been warned.


Oct. 5, 2010