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Chemtrail Pilot has Breakdown, Speaks Out

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A YouTube channel has been started by a former pilot who had a nervous breakdown after chemtrailing you and me.  He's now speaking out.
He just started the channel yesterday so there's only 1 vid, but it shows the inside of a cockpit and we hear a different chemtrail pilot trying to convince himself that "everything is going to be wonderful" (his distress is clear in his voice).
The following is posted on his profile:
Up until recently i was employed by the USAF.I took permanent sick leave 18 months ago due to a breakdown.The cause of the breakdown was not relieved to my employers but the truth is ultimately simple.I could not continue within my job knowing i was part of a project that was harmful to my fellow human beings.

I'm not proud of what i have done in the name of my country but hopefully i can make amends by spreading the word.


(As a side note, I go to a health food store where a chemtrail pilot told the women working there, "It's a good job.")