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There is a Mysterious Structure in Antarctica And Some Think It’s a Massive Building


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Sceptics and conspiracy theorists are having a field day.

Updated:January 28, 2020

This could be a building in Antarctica. (Image: MrMB333 YouTube channel)

When you think of Antarctica, you probably think of a lot of ice. Penguins. Scientists and researchers prodding around. And of course, a lot of conspiracy. The latest one comes thanks to a visual grab from Google Earth, which seems to suggest that there might actually be a tall building standing on the ice in Antarctica. These findings (take them with a pinch of salt, will you) have been uploaded to a YouTube Channel MrMBB33 and the conspiracy theorist who runs this channels suggests that this structure is as much as 2,000 feet in height and the width spans six football fields.

The video on the MrMB333 YouTube channel has clocked 78k views at the time of writing this, and viewers are clearly interested in what they are seeing. “Strange that all countries want to take over land but no country claims Antarctica. I think there is something they know that we don’t,” comments a user Lorrie Battistoni. Another user suggested that something on the lines of the Project Iceworm was active in Antarctica—the Project Iceworm was a then top-secret project of the United States Army which attempted to build a network of tunnel based and mobile nuclear missile launch sites under the ice sheet in Greenland. Equally, there are sceptics who suggest this is nothing more than a block of ice, albeit with a slightly different shape.

Just last month, another Google Earth user had spotted what was claimed to be a unique disc-like object jutting out of the ice. Many believes the aliens had something to do with it. Late last year, NASA had also noticed a giant hole in the ice, measuring about 20,000 square miles, something that hadn’t been seen since 1976. The hole eventually disappeared, and this anamoly is called Weddell Polynya.

This does bring this comment by a YouTube user with the handle ‘Hoping to be wheat, Not a tare’ to light, “The satellite images of South pole seems as though they are updated every week or so...but the satellite images of my own house and area, here in Central Kentucky...have things showing up around my house that were from 10 years ago. So my point is, most satellite images of most areas are old and not up to date but south pole is, for some reason, seems to be done much more often as if they want us to see this stuff? Anybody got any ideas???” Make of it what you will, but all this could just be ice playing visual tricks on the rest of us.

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