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My Innocent Husband

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I watched the televised hearings with my husband in which Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified to the Congressional Committee. While he watched intensely and scribbled notes, my mind wandered to the events of the last 7 months.

I have flashbacks about the pre-dawn morning the FBI raided our home and arrested my husband, Roger Stone. It was later that morning that he told a federal magistrate that he pled "not guilty" to all the charges and vowed to fight for exoneration. His trial in Washington DC is only three months from now.

Roger's arrest precipitated a media feeding frenzy that opened my eyes to how the media's unquenchable thirst for NEWS will have them say and do anything for ratings and M$NEY.

I was watching an MSNBC reporter wield his vicious lies that my husband was a traitor and working for the Russians. The "traitor" claim went viral infecting the public subconscious with patrons at restaurants and pedestrians on the street where we live screaming "TRAITOR!" at the top of their lungs. The press and "Never Trumpers" still attack President Trump in the same manner.


Nydia Stone and Donald Trump

It seems like yesterday that President Trump came to our wedding in Washington DC. I found this picture of me dancing with the President that happy day. It may seem like it was yesterday, but it was 27 years ago. Even then, Roger wanted Donald to run for President. We couldn't be prouder of the job he's doing revitalizing this country and making it great again.

While my husband and his team of lawyers (all of whom are very smart and accomplished) prepare for his trial in Washington, I handle our family finances – My husband has established a legal defense fund but that is not why I am writing you today.

Two years of the most savage smears by the Trump haters at CNN like Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and Ana Navarro and the constant lies about my husband and his case by the "fake news", Washington Post, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have upended our lives, destroyed our personal finances and put terrible pressure on our family.

Nydia Stone

Because of this ordeal we have lost everything we worked so hard for so many years to build: a nice home, our savings, most of our insurance and most importantly DESTROYED my husband's ability to make a living.

We are struggling each month to pay for housing, groceries, medical expenses, some insurance, gas and the barest of necessities – and candidly we need your help.

The Stone Family Defense Fund was set up for this purpose.

We are not asking for a hand out – but an ADVANCE, repaid by our pledge to do our best to contribute a like amount to what you give, to a charitable organization when this is all over.

We are both very independent and self-reliant and it is very difficult to admit we need help. We are really committed to do our best to see that every dollar we personally receive for the Stone Family Support Fund will go back out to a charitable cause at the end of this trial when my husband IS VINDICATED and we get back on our feet.

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Won't you help us today?

He will never bear false witness against the President, never. I know in my heart that my husband is innocent and I pray everyday that this will ultimately be proven. I am proud to stand with him as are all the members of our family.

While Roger has raised a significant amount for his legal defense fund that money cannot be used for our personal expenses no matter how modest they are. Will you consider a contribution… an advance really… to the Stone Family Support Fund?

With the first of the month soon upon us I felt the need to write you today. Our need is real and it's difficult to ask but I have no choice. While our lawyers have capped contributions to our Family Support Fund at $15,000, beyond that, no amount is too big or too small and anything you send will deeply appreciated.

   Stone Family Support Fund   

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Please send me your answer as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Nydia Stone


Mrs. Roger Stone