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Fed-Up PR Cop Comes Forward, Reveals What Trump-Hating Mayor’s Really Doing

Cillian Zeal

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San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz became a liberal hero over the weekend when she decided to blame the Trump administration for the slow recovery on the island from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Sure, she may have never met with FEMA officials personally and other local mayors were criticizing her response to the crisis, but she was willing to get on camera and melodramatically claim that people were dying, so — bam, instant liberal hero.

Now, one female police officer in Puerto Rico has come forward to allege that it’s even worse than that. According to the female officer, who called a Spanish-language radio station in New York City last week, Cruz is actively stopping the rescue efforts from being effective.

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The unnamed officer also told La Mega that the military needed to take over relief efforts because local government officials were profoundly incompetent, PJ Media reported.

Even though the U.S. government announced that relief supplies were already positioned on the island for distribution and 10,000 shipping containers had arrived at Puerto Rican docks, the officer said that Cruz wasn’t allowing the relief items to be distributed due to red tape. The officer implored the military to take over and stop Cruz and Gov. Ricardo Rossello from “doing what they are doing.”

“It’s an abuse,” the woman said through sobs. “It looks like communism in our own island!”

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And, as for the increased profiles of Cruz and other island politicians willing to wail and lament about the Trump administration on a network feed, the police officer said it was all for display.

“Everything is a soap opera, everything is a show,” the officer said. “There have to be cameras here and there because you know, they are just looking for votes for the upcoming years.”

For those of you who are Spanish speakers, here’s the original call:


But it’s all Trump’s fault, right?

Everyone appreciates that disaster response in Puerto Rico is a difficult situation, but it’s not made any easier by Trump-hating politicians who are using this crisis as a platform without sharing any of the blame. As we can see from what this cop had to say, there’s plenty of it to go around on the island.