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 A simple question that the Old Fashion UK Street Bobby used when addressing something that looked suspicious, was suspicious, or did not appear to look right.


In reference to the article below (BBC News 16th June 2008), SOMETHING DEFINITELY DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT, AND CERTAINLY ISN’T RIGHT. In fact it stinks so much; the smell is greater, and will last longer, than the smell of rotting, and rotten, fish and fish entrails which are piled high on the beaches of Nouakchott, Mauritania, Africa.


Mr Annan, you know who we are, what we are, and you certainly know that we have the financial capacity, yet your distorted allegiance to the Western Powers is denying your own country and other countries in Africa, the financial freedom and independence that they rightly and legally deserve.


Now read the Article below:

Africa 'needs an extra $40bn aid'

Kofi Annan in London, 16 June 2008

Mr Annan spared the blushes of most African leaders.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has said Africa faces an aid shortfall of $40bn (£26bn).

Speaking at the launch of a new report by the Africa Commission, he said African leaders had to live up to their promises on good governance.

Mr Annan also chastised the industrialised world for failing to meet the pledges they gave to double aid by 2010.

The current rate of increase would not hit this goal, he said.

"Our reports show that at the present rate of growth the G8's pledge to double assistance to Africa by 2010 will not be fulfilled," Mr Annan said at the launch of the report in London.

But the report, written by the panel set up to monitor progress towards the Africa Commission's goals, failed to name which industrialised countries were not coming up with the money, the BBC's Africa analyst Martin Plaut says.


Food crisis

On the other side, Mr Annan said that Africa had to do "much, much more" to do to keep its promise to improve governance.

He singled out Zimbabwe and Darfur as two crises that had to be addressed, and called on African leaders to act.

"The resolution of these crises will require greater and more consistent efforts by the African Union as well as leadership from individual African governments and the international community as a whole," he said.

But again Mr Annan spared the blushes of most African leaders, our correspondent says, refraining from naming and shaming those who failed to live up to their commitments to democracy.

The commission was set up in 2005 by then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair with the idea that African countries would improve their democratic credentials, while the west would double aid by 2010.

Mr Annan also warned that the global food crisis threatens to reverse what he said were many of Africa's hard-fought gains.

"With 100 million people on the brink of abject poverty, the cost of food will not be measured in the price of wheat and rice, but in the rising number of infant and child deaths across Africa," he said.


So, Mr Annan, where is this additional 40 bill USD coming from. Is it from the IMF, World Bank with all their draconian conditions and allegiance to the Western idealism of subservience; from the Commercial Banks with their extortionately high interest rates and commercial demands; from the Bond Markets which can be classified as expensive Financial Yoyos; all of which lead to an ever increasing spiral of debt, or, is it from other Nations in AID donations otherwise referred to as TAXPAYERS Money? Yes, more TAXPAYER’S MONEY.


The whole situation Mr Annan, leads one to near tears of desperation, and one which begs the question as to whether the West are actually keeping Africa and its many countries “Under the Thumb, controlled and subservient” for reasons that surely surround the vast mineral wealth Africa holds.


Mr Annan, please excuse us for the lack of Diplomacy, which certainly has not worked for Africa. Sometimes, harder and harsher words are required to get real action underway, so GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAHARA SAND and then take off your “Blinkers”, because the answer stares you right in the face. In fact, it’s here right in front of you on the left hand side of this Page, or the Main entrance page. Then use that visual freedom you have just gained to look in your “Postbox” shortly as our comprehensive mail and Videos will shortly arrive at your premises. You may wish to take a preliminary look at the solutions portrayed within the Videos, as both Videos are posted on the left hand side of this( ) web site, either on this page, or the main entrance page (OITC - New Horizons in Financing - General Information and OITC – New Horizons in Financing – Africa). 

[Go to the following  links:

"New Horizons in Financing: The Office of International Treasury Control -- General Information (video)
"New Horizons in Financing: The Office of International Treasury Control - Africa (video)" ]


If however you haven’t the time to view the especially this Web Site, then hopefully someone with a big conscience, sense of Humanity, and someone who really cares, will bring it to your attention quite quickly.


In fact, Mr Annan, we are fully aware that the Chairman of the African Union, and the Chairman of the African States of the British Commonwealth, has been strongly advised by their Masters to deny us, and deny us they do, but some African countries haven’t taken note of such biased advice and we are already talking to several Nations of the African continent.


An article, such as the one above, published by the BBC, is totally infuriating, heart-breaking, and totally disturbing, when our own African proposals were discarded by the G8 in 2005. So much so, we are now “Throwing down the Gauntlet” Mr Annan, knowing that you know, without any doubt whatsoever, who we are and what our capacity is……….Forget the AID, the Commercial Bank LOANS, the intervention of the IMF and World Bank. With 53 independent countries within the African continent and allowing $20 bill USD investment per country, that equals £1.06 trillion USD minimum (Yes, $1.06 trillion USD minimum), we will GUARANTEE that as the minimum OITC investment into the African Countries, under the OITC investment methodologies / schematics.


We will even offer you, Mr Annan, a position as OITC Regional Head of African Development, with full International / Diplomatic Immunity plus other fringe benefits, so you can discard your position within this “Commission” established by Mr Tony Blair, which is nothing but a “Front” to show the public that things are being done, when in fact, as the article clearly portrays, very little is being done and how ineffective that very little is.


We stand ready to act, and that is GUARANTEED, by a United Nations Chartered Sovereign Entity (UN Charter Control No: 10-60847). Are you, Mr Annan, ready to act positively, progressively and constructively, in the interests of your Fellow Man, your own Nation, and all other Nations of Africa?


“Action speaks louder than all the Words of Sorrow and Sympathy, but there appears to be, or has been, very limited Action”.


Special Global Envoy, Senior Commercial Advisor to H.E. The Chairman,

The Office of International Treasury Control,

(UN Charter Control No: 10-60847)

(International Clearing Code UNRD-ID006197)