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Shocking Images Show Ash-Covered Ghost Towns On Spain's Canary Islands

Tyler Durden

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The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma, located off the northwestern coast of Africa, has been erupting for nearly eleven weeks with no signs of abating. Soon the eruption could be La Palma's longest in over 500 years. 

The Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on Sept. 19 and led to the evacuation of thousands of residents. For the last 75 days, the volcano has spewed lava out of fissures, unleashed plumes of ash and toxic gasses, and acid rain. 

After two and a half months of non-stop volcanic eruptions, some parts of the island are unrecognizable as they're buried in feet of ash. Entire towns and neighborhoods are entirely covered, and damage could be upwards of a billion dollars. 

Here are some of the most incredible pictures and videos on social media documenting the ongoing chaos on La Palma.

Entire homes are buried in ash. 

Neighborhoods swallowed whole by ash and lava. 

Towns covered in ash up to the rooftops. 

How are people going to dig out of this? 

Ash is everywhere.

A fissure opens up next to a house covered in ash. 

More buildings are buried in feet of ash. 

The current eruption could surpass the Tehuya volcano that spewed lava and ash for 84 days in 1646. 

So what about the cleanup on the tiny resort island? How does one dispose of millions of tons of ash?