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CHAOS IN Mexico City by Jim Stone

Jim Stone

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The Mexican news for the most part ignored the Chiapas/Oaxaca earthquake two weeks ago. This one is wall to wall coverage on all channels with all regular programming canceled.

Mexico City is a mess. The American media is for the most part saying this earthquake happened 75 kilometers away from Mexico City, but that is really deceptive because they are referencing the city center proper, and the city itself (including suburbs) extends very close to the epicenter because it is one of the world's largest cities.

Traffic is totally jammed, there are a large number of collapsed buildings (maybe approximately one in a thousand collapsed,) but the city is so huge that still represents an enormous number of collapsed buildings. The collapse scenes are pure chaos with an ocean of people helping. As we learned from the recent hurricanes, The American government would never allow such a scene, it is literally an ocean of people at the collapse sites removing rubble with wheelbarrows, buckets, passing pieces down lines and carrying injured people away from collapse scenes on mosh pit style hand stretchers and other makeshift stretchers. It is a real rescue effort.

There are so many collapses in total that I expect the final death toll to rise from the current 149 to between 300 and 700. Like I said before, Mexico City was really well built, and it handled this earthquake very well. But you can't have such a huge quake happen so close to such a huge city and have nothing go wrong.

Claudia is furious with the New World Order, and believes this quake and the prior one were man made to distract people from a horrible evil being staged against Mexico right now.

My guess is that a substantial part of this evil has to do with the global carbon tax, which is soon to be rammed down Mexico's throat on a grand scale.

Jim Stone