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FW:  Jan. 9, 2015

Watch Here:

NOTE:  CERN means "European Organization for Nuclear Research"

This is the way I see it, this will reset the magnetosphere to some random value, since they have no idea what they are doing, they already proved that the changes are Permanent, based on the test fire that was not even close to the magnitude they want to run it at, so they know for sure that what ever change they make will become permanent, but that will not stop them from running a full power test just to find out.


Now ask yourself what effect will this have on you?


If you like Breathing then everything, if they vent the atmosphere into space, this will make breathing impossibly, and that is what the numbers are telling us will happen, and on this point I have to agree with BPEarthWatch, yet they still have to know for sure, so they are going ahead with the test, and if that makes any sense to you, then please explain that to me, because it sounds like these people are declaring War on the World, under the mask of Science.


If Some Country had the courage to Nuke their Facility, it would be considered self-defense and not Terrorism, CERN is now officially Terrorist, they have proven they can Kill all Life on this planet with a flick of a switch, and that is by all definitions Terrorism, ignorance can only go so far, and this is beyond Stupidity.


But the real deal is that no one has any courage to stand up to them, so they will be allowed to conduct their test at the risk of killing all life on this planet just to prove that they can, because these test can not prove anything else, there is no valuable scientific research being done here, just pure Evil.


Money is Evil, and no good can ever come from it, this is proof of that.


When God invented planets, it took God a long time to get the magnetic field just right for life to live on a Planet, you look at Mars and you will find its magnetosphere was Artificially changed, and there are structures on Mars that may have been used to do this, my guess is that they are the same age as our Pyramids, and there is proof of this (not sure which video in this series that talks about Mars, but you would have to watch them all to understand it), and that the people of that time were experimenting with some thing like this Device that could change the Magnetosphere of Mars and the Earths, this would explain why we have no knowledge about who built the ancient monuments, but we do know they were a lot more advanced in science then we are to this date, so they will destroy this planet once more, and after thousands of years, life will come back, and all traces of that ancient society (us) will be gone, and the new life forms will find other interesting ways to destroy the planet, all in the name of Ignorance, because there is no Scientific reason to run such insane test knowing the consequences.


I don't know if this devise has enough power to destroy the World, neither do they, but does that give them the right to find out?


Jeff Flesher -