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New CitY Ordinance Forces Family to Destroy their Vegetable Garden

Shannon Halligan

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FW:  April 26, 2016


"Yet another example of why all government(s) need to be gotten rid of."  The main problem with the Government, Slave, Subject, Serf, relationship, is that the people, over time, have come to view the government as a surrogate parent, which means that the people never grow up and become critical thinking adults, because if that ever did happen, the people would quickly realize, that not only do They not need government, any government, but that all governments are inherently antithetical to the over-all progress of the entire human race, and here's why.  "The core character profile of government is generally unthinking, parasitic, predatory, arbitrary, psychotic, schizophrenic, and rudderless, all-the-while conversely pretending otherwise as it passes those same attributes onto the general population via public education, big media, and big pharma."


Also, borrowing some type of horrific geological event that reduces the general population -- including the morons who work for the government -- to a common state for survival, the likelihood of wide-spread critical thinking making any kind of a come back in favor of self-rule, self-governance, and a code of honorable behavior, is not very likely to occur in the near term.


As long as the majority are silently acquiesced and in agreement with Their collective roles as bitches for Governments, Kings, Queens, Rulers of every other stripe and color, the human race will continue to experience the rise and falls of it all, with the occasional extinction level event; only to start the long trek back to the same relative moment in time with the same presumable outcome, over and over and over we go. God only knows how many times the human race has either wiped itself out directly, or been wiped out by some type of outside world cataclysm, reliving and re-experiencing the same cycles of suffering, hardship, and torture?


"Think Ground Hog Day, absent even the remotest possibility of a new day that's different from the previous. . ."

New city ordinance forces family to destroy their vegetable garden


SUGAR CREEK, Mo. - There’s a new ordinance in Sugar Creek, Missouri, that restricts the use of agriculture on properties in the city.

Nathan Athans believes it’s a witch hunt against him.

Athans grows several different types of vegetables on his lawn and loves tending to his garden.

“I'd probably say about 300 hours [so far this year], I spend all my free time out here,” Athans said.

He believes it’s important for his family. “I want my family to know where their food is coming from, I don't want to have to go to the grocery store and worry about what was done to that food.”

However, neighbors and city officials don’t see the garden the same way. Last summer the city cited Athans for weeds in his garden but he said he complied.

“We did it, completely weed-free, we paid our citation,” he said.

The city’s building official, Paul Loving, argued otherwise. “I don't know that there would have been a problem with them had the gardens been well kept, they weren't.”

The new ordinance specifies that vegetation must be 30 feet from the street.

Athans said he can’t grow the garden in his backyard because it only gets about two hours of sunshine and only in certain areas.

Loving said the city received many complaints and the ordinance is the resolution. “Because I want my yard a certain way doesn't mean the neighborhood has to keep his yard the same way, but I do have an expectation that we'll all be reasonable in what we put in our front yards.”

The family has been given four days to get rid of their front yard garden or face a fine.

They’ve started an online petition  in hopes of getting the city to change the ordinance.


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