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Rigged Super Bowls and Other Sporting Events - Are Professional Sports Fixed? - Would you leave a multi-billion dollar business up to chance?

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Jan. 31, 2015

I’ve been watching this play out for several years now. TPTB not ONLY rig these big games, but they also “send messages” in the process. This was very apparent in the Playoffs leading up to college National Championship game. This years’ message; The EAST is RISING and the WEST is GOING DOWN!! (Think global economics)


In college, Oregon (west) got KILLED by Ohio St. (Big 10 EAST)


In Superbowl, we’ve got SEAHAWKS (NFC WEST) playing PATRIOTS. (AFC EAST) Who do you think will win…..EAST….of course.


All these stories about “deflate-gate” are just more “messages”. “They” are telling us what’s coming – deflation. Why is the news SATURATED with a story that’s not gonna change ANYTHING?……MESSAGE!!11:17 PM 1/29/2015




THE FIX IS IN 2012: Bounties, League Security, NFL & NBA Game Fixing/Rigged Games Part 1 :

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Listen to Dave Hodges Interview Brian Tuohy on Jan 29th 2015: 01-29-2015-the-fix-is-in.mp3