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Dec. 24, 2014


All About The Beach - Cocoa Beach - Surfin Santas (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 2014 Christmas Surfing promo

Youtube video:


In December 2009, George Trosset, & George Jr. with his wife Britteny, paddled out for a Christmas Eve surf. For the last 5 years, the gathering has grown to over 200 Surfin' Santas in the water at the same time.  People of all generations and backgrounds have come to surf.


Surfin' Santas has evolved into an annual gathering of the local surfing “tribes”, sharing the ride of Christmas Magic. It is the one day a year that ALL the local tribes share ALL the waves at a local surf spot.


On December 24, 2014 at 8 am EST, on Minuteman Causeway in Cocoa Beach, Florida, this fantastically fun event will happen. Thousands of Surfin' Santas will gather to ride the waves and share fun in the sun for the 6th annual Surfin' Santas event.


This is all for a good cause too.  All proceeds will be shared between the "Grind for Life" organization and the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum.


Mr. Trosset recently spoke about the Surfing Santas phenomenon and about how it has grown from a small family event into an annual gathering of what he describes as “local surfing tribes.”



“It’s the one day a year that all the tribes share all the waves with each other,” he says. “The story represents something that rarely happens in the surfing community.”

“On a normal day surfing, even when surfing with friends from your tribe, there is a constant battle to catch a wave and ride it by yourself. ‘I got it,’ ‘Comin’ down,’ or a whistle all signify to the other surfers trying to catch ‘my’ wave to stop paddling and let me have the wave to myself. It happens every day at every surf spot in the world!”

“Localism is an ongoing custom, handed down from our surfing forefathers,” George continues. “When surfers from another ‘tribe’ invade your local break, most of the time the new guy is not welcome. We don’t want to share our local break with anyone. SUP surfers are disliked by longboarders and shortboarders; longboarders are disliked by shortboarders and aggressive shortboarders are disliked by longboarders… Surfers yell, scream, make gestures with their hands, and fight over perceived rights to waves.”

“But on December 24, when the all the different tribes gather in Cocoa Beach, we all share the local break and all the waves. The community response to Surfing Santas has been beyond belief as well, and the broader Cocoa Beach community tribe is coming together as well. This event encourages all of us to share the waves, at least one day a year.”

Youtube video: