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27 October 2018

NOTE:  Please help the Sisters of Sorcha Faal with your prayers, and financial support, if possible.  They are key players in this "Battle for Truth!"  ---PHB


Hello Folks,

One of the most defining traits of the American people unique to them among any other people in the world is that they absolutely love to be scared out of their wits!

In fact, the most popular movie at their theaters this weekend is the horror flick “Halloween”, and one of their most watched television programmes is “American Horror Story”—that is an anthology horror television series which each season is conceived as a self-contained miniseries, following a different set of characters and settings, and a storyline with its own “beginning, middle, and end”.

Trying to explain why these people love to be scared so much, Clinical Psychologist Glenn D. Walters, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Kutztown University, identified three primary factors that feed the attraction to horror entertainment:

Tension—which producers and directors create by including elements of mystery, suspense, gore, terror and shock.

Relevance—horror films have to include elements that viewers will identify with—this can mean universal relevance, which involves fear of things like death and the unknown or cultural relevance of social issues—with personal relevance happening when the viewer identifies with the protagonist (lead character) or condemns the antagonist (hostile adversary), and is the final way that relevance influences the reaction to horror.

Unrealism—though horror entertainment has become more and more graphic in recent years, viewers realize that what they are watching is fake—movies and television shows feature elements like camera angles, soundtracks and even humor, all of which send cues to viewers that what they’re watching is intended to entertain—all of which means that horror films and television shows that incorporate these factors are more appealing to viewers.



These three primary factors—tension-relevance-unrealism—comprising horror movies and television programmes can only be successful when they are contained within the boundaries of what is known as the “three-act structure”—that is the model used in narrative fiction that divides a story into three parts (acts) called:

The Setup—establishes the main characters, their relationships and the world they live in and contains a dynamic, on-screen incident occurs that confronts the main character (the protagonist), whose attempts to deal with this incident lead to a second and more dramatic situation, known as the first turning point, which (a) signals the end of the first act, (b) ensures life will never be the same again for the protagonist and (c) raises a dramatic question that will be answered in the climax of the film.

The Confrontation—depicts the protagonist's attempt to resolve the problem initiated by the first turning point, only to find themselves in ever worsening situations—with part of the reason protagonists seem unable to resolve their problems is because they do not yet have the skills to deal with the forces of antagonism that confront them, so they must not only learn new skills but arrive at a higher sense of awareness of who they are and what they are capable of, in order to deal with their predicament, which in turn changes who they are—this is referred to as character development or a character arc, and cannot be achieved alone and they are usually aided and abetted by mentors and co-protagonists.

The Resolution the ending of the story and its subplots where the climax is the scene or sequence in which the main tensions of the story are brought to their most intense point and the dramatic question answered, leaving the protagonist and other characters with a new sense of who they really are.



Now that you know that the primary human influencers of “Tension-Relevance-Unrealism” contained with a structure of “The Setup-The Confrontation-The Resolution” are the ingredients of what makes up a horror movie and television programme, please allow me to inform those of you who don’t already know, that this is, also, THE EXACT script you see and hear every day masquerading as NEWS!

There have been a gazillion scientific articles written over the past thirty years discussing and debating exactly when it was that the mainstream American media establishment quit reporting factual news and became an entertainment industry—with the main consensus among them being that this was done because the major news organizations were losing money hand-over-fist, and the only way they were ever going to earn a profit was to morph themselves into becoming entertainment—complete with heroes and villains, and never-ending plot lines that would keep their viewers addicted to what new horrors would come next.



This bastardizing of true facts, historical significance and context for understanding actually has name—infotainment—that combines news with entertainment and is dangerous for several different reasonsthe first being that the media loses credibility (think “fake news”)—the second is that viewers start to focus more on the entertainment aspect instead of the information aspect and thus start to view the news only as a form of entertainment—and the more the public views the news to be entertainment, the more the media has to meet the demands, thus displaying more and more infotainment to meet the public’s needs.

And, on 16 June 2016, jumping straight into this “infotainment maelstrom” masquerading as news was New York City real estate multi-billionaire mogul Donald Trump—and who, before practically anyone else noticed what he was doing (the Sisters, of course, being one of the lone exceptions) completely took it over with his own Tension-Relevance-Unrealism horror movie script—and whose Setup- Confrontation-Resolution real life three-act play produced the most shocking climax in infotainment history when he astoundingly became President of the United States.

Like the Sisters, too, who knew exactly what Trump was doing, so did some of the most powerful people in Hollywood—including mega-producer Mike Fleiss, creator of “The Bachelor” and “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?”, helped pioneer reality television in the early 2000’s, and quickly realized that for any show to work, the audience needed to feel invested—“Whenever you’re developing one of these shows, you have to find stakes — true love or a million dollars.”—and who these days sits glued to cable news (just like American TV viewers are doing in record numbers) watching a panel of experts discuss the latest developments in the sprawling, intricate, unpredictable 24/7 show that is Donald Trump’s presidency—and his saying: “This is the future of the world and the safety of mankind and the health of the planet…I should’ve thought of that one!



Having so many plot twists one can never be certain if their sanity is going to be able to be kept intact, but whose eyes one can NEVER turn away from this production of a real life “American Horror Story” so as not miss what new tragedy or calamity will happen next, and whose cast of characters in this three-act play now numbers in the thousands—with the latest character addition being a loose cannon” former male stripper on steroids named Cesar Altieri Sayoc.

Cesar Altieri Sayoc, as you all know by now, is the character just introduced as the “mad bomber” who targeted Trump enemies—but who told investigators that the pipe bombs he made wouldn’t have hurt anyone and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone—drove a van festooned with Trump supporting parapanalia, but on whose Twitter page didn’t follow Trump or any Republican, with his choosing instead to only follow left-wing and Democrat personalities—whose nearly 30-year felonious criminal record defies explanation as to why he has only served 7-days for crimes he should still be in prison for, and as only seen in FBI informants—and who sympathy for is now being requested by his “family attorney” who told CNN that Sayocfound a father figure in Trump—that has left me wondering how Sayoc even knew his “family attorneyRonald S. Lowy as he is the founding partner of one of the most powerful and expensive law firms in Miami-Florida named Lowy and Cook, P.A. that represents one of Florida’s most notorious developers named Russell Galbut.


Twitter page (above) of Cesar Altieri Sayoc shows he only followed left-wing and Democrat personalities


As with all of the characters introduced into this real life American Horror Story drama, the role Cesar Altieri Sayoc will ultimately play remains unknown as it’s shrouded in too many mysterious contradictions and nefarious connections to figure out—but that actually isn’t that important to know at this time as his sole purpose was to introduce a “meme”—that is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture—often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme.

Memes act as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures, and that the infotainment industry is the main generator of—with this present one being that “All Trump supporters are mad bombers”, and past examples including “Trump colluded with Russia”, “Trump followers are a cult”, “Trump is a sexual predator”, and, of course, “Trump is a racist”, to just name a few.

Memes, also, don’t have to be supported by either facts or truth, as they only need to be generated and widely spread to do their most damage, such as when NBC News deliberately kept hidden from the American people information that undermined the credibility of an accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh—that if known would have destroyed the “Kavanaugh is a sex predator” meme.  



My reason in educating all of you about this today is so you can better understand exactly what the Sisters do—and can be best understood by your viewing their work as being “meme destroyers”.

From the very moment a mainstream media infotainment meme is generated, the Sisters immediately dissect it to discover the propaganda component it contains—and once discovering the lie being perpetrated, counter it with an opposite meme containing the truth—both of which then compete for survival in the minds of readers.

These truth containing counter memes like the Sisters create are labeled by the mainstream media infotainment establishment as “conspiracy theories”—a label they have come to realize isn’t powerful enough anymore to keep truth memes from reaching the masses of peoples wanting to know more information—and is why they’ve switched their attacks to just destroying anyone who sends out truth memes entirely.

Like all of you know too, the Sisters have warned, for nearly 20-years, anyone who would listen not to EVER associate with social media—such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.—as they knew that the main purpose behind them was to capture as many alternative news sites they could, make them dependant upon them, and then extinguish them. 

In practical terms, therefore, that makes the Sisters entirely dependant upon YOU—with their placing their faith in believing that there are many of you who still want to know the truth, the history behind events, have things told to them like adults instead of children, are prepared to accept facts and follow them wherever they might lead, and, most importantly, have awaken to the fact that they are in a war whose outcome will affect everything and everyone for generations to come.

As a critical partner in this monumental endeavor for truth and freedom, and as Sister Ciara so elegantly pointed out to you yesterday, I would hope that you will come to the realization that unless you stop standing on the sidelines of this war and start supporting those who are fighting for you all will be lost—and to keep from happening is as simple as your going below and giving what you can so that our tomorrow will be better than today—and we can all watch together how this movie ends! 

Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need, and, as always too, please feel free to write me at with any comments/questions/suggestions, and remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line.

All the best folks,