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Jan. 27, 2016

“Patriot Militia” panic and run to kill feed when somebody asks them to sign “Talent Release” form!   BUSTED!


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Full credit goes to patriot James Farganne for this amazing catch!   James was watching this Live Feed from the Youtube Channel “DefendYourBase” that was supposed to be “Militia” in Oregon preparing to die in a battle with federal authorities. James was disturbed by their language as they were bashing Christian patriots and talking about “shooting feds”.

All of a sudden somebody off screen says, “Hey Guys, can I get you to sign talent releases?”,  One of the “militia” says “Say What?” so the man repeats, “Talent Releases, can I get you guys to sign talent releases”    The militia guys says “What does that mean” while another one jumps up in a panic after realizing they were live streaming and runs and kills the feed!  Here’s an example of a typical “Talent Release” form when any type of acting is performed.

This is HUGE information here.  If these “militia” weren’t actors and somebody was filming a documentary or something, there would be no reason to go run and kill the feed!   With all the talk of “shooting feds” they were doing on the live stream, it seems clear to me this exchange was NOT supposed to go on the air!  In fact, once this feed was cut, it never came back!

This “DefendYourBase” youtube channel and all the ones behind it now need to be asked the question why they are broadcasting footage from people being asked to sign “Talent Releases”.  Post comments on their videos with links to this article and ask them for a FULL explanation of why people on their channel are being asked to sign “Talent Releases” and then running and shutting off the feed!

Is this the biggest bust of a federal operation in history caught on live stream? You decide!

More investigation needs to be done here but my gut tells me that James Farganne just caught some fake militia feds running some kind of a psyop.  If you agree please send this video viral.  I don’t believe the entire Oregon standoff was fake but clearly there are many Federal actors taking part.  Remember, Jim Fetzer already proved they used actors in Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing!

This evidence was covered up!