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Driver trying to destroy snowman hits stump it's built on instead

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PETERSBURG, KY (WCMH) -- A vandal got a rude awakening when he tried to run over a 9-foot snowman that was built on a tree stump.

Kentucky homeowner Cody Lutz calls it "instant karma."

What goes around comes around in good ways and bad ways, so I guess everyone learns a valuable lesson here from Frosty," Lutz called WXIX.

The towering triple stack of snowballs in northern Kentucky has a lot of character. 

Much like the people who built it, this snowman was packed with purpose. 

Lutz says he loves the snow so much that he took snowman building to the extreme, using a massive tree stump as the base for their top-hat topped creation.

"I went to work on Monday and I came home to this Monday night which is the irony is pretty funny," said Lutz.

Someone saw the soon-to-be Lutz family's creation and tried to fracture frosty with the front end of their truck.

But they quickly realized their mistake when the plowed away snow showed frosty's roots.

There may be a couple lessons in here, believe in karma and smile through the tough times. Frosty sure is.

"I think he got the last laugh for sure," said Lutz.