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Mental illness on parade: 'Biological subjectivism' self-identity lunacy encourages grown men to shower with high school girls as a 'civil right'

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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May 16, 2016

(NaturalNews) If you're a 25-year-old athletic adult and you suddenly have a strong desire to win an array of high school sports medals, now's your chance! According to the Obama administration, people can now decide to be whatever they "self identify" with, regardless of biology. So now, you can decide to be a 17-year old high school senior, year after year, as you rake in the winnings and recognition on the basketball court.

School officials can't stop you anymore. To question your biological age would be "bigoted" or "discriminatory" because you self-identify as a permanent 17-year-old. It's your civil right, you see, to decide to be a man, a woman, a child or even a teenager. Whatever biology you want to be that day, it's yours for the asking!

After you clean up on the court, if you're wondering where your team coach is, he's showering with the girls' varsity team because he suddenly decided he was an 18-year-old female today. Thank goodness we live in a progressive society that respects his "right" to be himself, huh? Some of the girls started to complain when he entered the shower looking all naked and gross, but they were quickly chided back into line by the school's thought police enforcers who reminded them that they would be practicing "intolerance" if they didn't allow their 35-year-old coach to shower with them. None of them wanted to be called "intolerant," so they all just showered with the guy and told themselves what loving, compassionate, progressive people they were.

A conservative skeptic might observe all this and say, "Hey, wait a minute! These people can't change their biology! That guy's a 35-year-old creepy dude!"

But biology, you see, is now considered wholly subjective and decided based on a whim. If you DECIDE to be female, everyone else must now accept you as a female. And if you DECIDE to be 15 years old, how can anyone argue differently? If they dare say, "But your birth certificate says you're 35, not 15," then you just call them an intolerant, discriminatory bigot and threaten to sue them for violating your civil rights.

This whole debate about gender and restrooms has successfully squashed any arguments based on birth certificates, hasn't it? If you want to be 17 again, that's your civil right! ... and nobody can question you unless they're violating your civil rights.


This is what America has now come to: An insane, delusional land of the politically correct mentally ill

Of course, your biology isn't based on your opinion. It's something physical... something you were born with. You can't suddenly decide to change your biological gender any more than you can decide to change your age or your skin color.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: When you're not cleaning up on the basketball court or showering with the girls' varsity team, you can be applying for all the minority scholarships by claiming to be black, or Indian or Latino or whatever gets you the most dollars for college.

Why settle for being White or Asian when your biology is now just a matter of your opinion?

Given that Asians are getting penalized now for scoring so high on college entrance exams, why don't they all just claim to be some other race and avoid the penalties? It's not dishonest if you "feel" black inside, according to the politically correct progressivism police who promote the transgender agenda. Technically, you could apply for all the scholarships across all races and origins by simply changing the way you feel during the moments when you're filling out the appropriate forms. "Yeah, today I feel black. And tomorrow, I'll feel Indian... just like Elizabeth Warren!"

You might also apply for a new job at your local Target store while claiming to "self identify as a really good worker." Once you actually get the job, refuse to do any work at all, and claim that you now self-identify as an oppressed, abused victim who needs on-the-clock "recovery time" before you can start doing any real work. Or better yet, claim to have just reached retirement age and demand retirement benefits because you now self-identify as a Target retiree.

Why not claim to be an endangered species?

Of course, all this is a total insult to sane people everywhere, which is why it has now become public policy under the U.S. federal government, an insane political regime rooted in the advocacy of mental illness across American culture. Believing someone can change their gender on a whim makes just as much sense as believing the fraudulent economic numbers being reported by the White House on a routine basis. Unemployment, you see, is only 5.9% for the simple reason that Washington "feels" like it's 5.9%! In reality, of course, it's more like 22%... but then again, your creep perv 35-year-old coach has a scrotum, but that doesn't stop him from claiming to be a girl and showering with the other girls, does it?

Having trouble paying your mortgage? Stop thinking like a person rooted in reality and start exploring the benefits of "subjective biology." Just claim that you're an endangered species -- perhaps a spotted owl -- and that your home is your "habitat." Suddenly, you're protected from everybody, and no one can remove you or force you from your habitat. (Or heck, just flood your living room and call it a "wetlands" while you slosh around squawking like a rare egret... you're protected by the EPA, and the mainstream media will love you!)

In a world where everything is subjective, nothing is real anymore. It's all delusion. It's all insanity. It's all mental illness. This is what America has come to under the progressive charlatanism of biological subjectivism.

When language is used to obscure meaning, knowledge of reality quickly erodes

When an entire society loses touch with biological reality and economic reality, it's only a matter of time before the entire system collapses upon itself, by the way. This era of runaway lunacy won't last for long.

The signs of the lunacy are all around us, too. You can spot it in the subjective, "feel good" language that's used to obscure meaning while excusing violence and criminality. Illegal aliens who violate the law to cross the border are "undocumented immigrants." Felony rapists and murderers are now "justice-involved individuals," and cities that conspire to violate national immigration laws are called "sanctuary cities." No one is ever held to account for their actions anymore, unless those actions happen to be rooted in conservative thinking, in which case they are lambasted as "bigoted" and "intolerant."

"Tolerance" is now being equated with "Civil Rights" which is invoked as a convenient cover for every perverse behavior and crime that our delusional society wishes to encourage under the false banner of progressivism. At the pace this is going, the president will soon issue a decree to demand all convicted child molesters be set free. After all, if the person doing the molesting "self identifies" as being the same age as the victim they're molesting, then it's really just two children fooling around, according to biological subjectivism. That's not the same as an adult-on-child crime anymore, they would argue in complete consistency with their transgender locker room and shower rules.

What matters is what you're THINKING you are while you're carrying out the activity, not what you actually are from a physical, biological reality point of view. Under subjective biological progressivism, your intention takes precedence over your actions and your physical reality.

I'm a time traveling Indian from the year 1452...

If you wish, you can walk around the streets of New York City wielding a tomahawk and wearing nothing more than face paint and a leather thong. (You might even get invited to start an alt rock band, come to think of it...) If stopped by Homeland Security, just explain you're an indigenous American Indian from the year 1452. If your biology is subjective, then so is time travel, right?

If you get into a fight and split someone's skull with your tomahawk, you might end up arrested by the police. No problem! Just claim to be an 11-year-old and demand to be tried as a minor. Who can argue with your self-identified biology? (Or better yet, claim to be the last of your kind and demand protected status as a living historical monument.)

If you're not yet a senior citizen, the next time you're buying tickets for something, just claim to be 75 years old. If they ask for ID, just claim that you "self-identify as 75" and the mere act of asking for documentation is intolerant bigotry. Threaten to call your civil rights lawyer...

Or if you're 16 and want to buy some beer, just claim to self-identify as 21. If the cashier at the liquor store gives you hell, start recording video on your iPhone while you verbally berate them for being an intolerant racist bigot engaged in discrimination against your civil rights.

Mass mental illness is incredibly damaging to society

Society is going to be very interesting for the next few years as the full blown insanity of biological subjectivism runs its course. The mass mental illness that's already unfolding before our eyes is unprecedented in human history... but it's sure to be incredibly entertaining.

I'm waiting for white men who can't jump to sue the NBA for discrimination, claiming they "self identify as tall black men" who can leap seven feet high in a single bound. If NBA teams refuse to hire them, they can play the Civil Rights card and sue to be forced onto the teams. In fact, I can't wait for all sports teams tryouts to be heavily attended by the athletically ungifted, all shouting and demanding their spots on the teams because in their minds, they self-identify as sports superheroes.

Oh, and let's not forgot the military! Maybe the Pentagon will turn over $250 million stealth bombers to people who "self identify as awesome pilots" because they flew some bombers on video gaming consoles. You can't say no, or you're a bigot! Give 'em the bombers, or you'll be exposed as a mean person!

This brings me to the perfect answer that young Christian gal at the Indiana pizza parlor should have given when she was under attack for saying their pizza shop wouldn't cater a gay wedding... She should have announced to the world that she self-identifies as a 15-year-old gay man trapped in the body of an older woman and forced to serve pizza to white racist bigots in Indiana. The entire lunatic media would have turned her into a cultural hero!