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Jim Stone

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Sept. 14, 2014


This one was supposedly of British "hostage" David Haines.

I really do not know what to do about another fake beheading, because people are so onto the B.S. by now that it probably will not matter to dig through whatever this next phony is and point out how and why it is fake. WHAT IS IMPORTANT HOWEVER is for Israel and the greater Jewish community figure out that THIS TIME REPEATING A LIE WILL NOT WORK and will instead backfire. People are onto the psy ops, and more of the same will only incite hatred towards Israel, the Jewish community and the scamming MSM.

A message to the greater Jewish community: You lost it with the first beheaded CPR doll, and the fact that SITE is releasing these when it is a known Mossad front company does not help. If in the future any be-headings look real, you can safely bet that all the psy op crew did was sub contract out to someone who would be GOOD at it, such as Steven Spielberg to help them speil a better phony. Not that good ol Steve would go along with it . . . . .


As an aside, the American people as a whole are 100% convinced that every beheading shown to them is real, and would never question other-wise after being told by their favorite Talmud-Vision ooga booga jews news outlet, or about anything else they're told for that matter.

I like a lot of what Jim Stone puts out, but when it comes to his characterization of the American people he is flat-wrong. The American people in the main are brain-dead, brainwashed entitlement junkies, who are overwhelmingly dependent on big Government, like and love it that way, and don't give one hoot about America save what's in it for them. ---RR