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MATCHSTICK ART, 7.5 Million sticks over 40 years - COOLEST THING I'VE EVER MADE- EP15

Coolist Thing

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Calling it "Amazing Art with matchsticks" does not do Patrick Acton's sculptures justice. Over the past 40 years, this Iowa native has been building some of the world's biggest and complicated matchstick sculptures. While some of the larger ones are in "Ripley's Believe it of Not Museums", many are in his own museum "Matcshstick Marvels" down the road from his home in Gladbrook, Iowa. Incredibly, he's made them all in his tiny basement workshop in his home. He estimates that he has used over 7.5 million matchsticks in his career. His most impressive builds include the State Capitol building, a huge Millenium Falcon complete with lights and working landing gear, a locomotive that kids can actually climb into, Hogwarts from Harry Potter and many many more. While most people would build a couple models, Patrick has over 100, each unique and spectacular not to mention impressive. To find out more and to visit the museum, check out his website at: