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This art is free to use for non-profit individual purposes and blogs. I encourage you to openly distribute to others with

the hope it will educate, enlighten, deprogram, and at least, entertain. For magazine, book, or website use please inquire at

In my art, you will occasionally see a 'Z' symbol over a star of David. This simply represents the political movement called Zionism which has co-opted Judaism and uses it as a shield to hide behind. I and are PRO-Jewish, but extremely ANTI-Zionist. Those who attempt to smear my art as 'anti-semitic' are fools and frauds. The unspeakable, hideous genocidal acts of Zionism and the geopolitical social and economic deception and deceit it uses to con and dupe the masses shall be exposed. I also support organizations like Jews Against Zionism as you can see in my archives. If you have any sincere questions about Zionism and related issues, by all means read the material at any Jews Against Zionism internet site and the archives at TRUTH does NOT fear investigation and research. - David Dees

From year to year we receive a remarkable cornucopia of artworks from scores of creative thinkers and digital dabblers, many of which come to grace our main page splash art spot and are then retired to our now enormous splash gallery. But the art of David Dees simply knocks our socks off. Not only is Dees prolific, edgy, profound and frighteningly sarcastic, his visual style of photo manipulation, graphic design and superb illustration in the digital media is truly phenomenal and has a look and feel that is entirely his own. He has mastered the art of the topical/political splash, to say the least. We thought it would be nice to showcase his superb submissions, and as time goes by you'll be able to watch the growing exhibit and his wonderfully twisted take on our present reality. Here now is the expanding showcase of David's brilliance including a dynamite 'movie' of his work...enjoy!

David Dees Art At - The Movie

Dee's New Movie - Contradictio

ADL Honors Dees Art - Truth Fears No Scrutiny


A Letter From A Morgellons Family


All material Copyright©2006-2008, David Dees