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Trump Economic Approval Numbers Soar

President Trump's approval numbers on the economy have reached a new high. The strong economy ushered in under the Trump administration is seeing Trump's approval number continue to grow.



According to Town Hall:

A new poll from Gallup shows President Trump's approval rating on the economy just hit a new high. 


According to the numbers, 53 percent of Americans give "positive remarks" on his economic policies. Gallup's bottom line:"Americans' relatively high approval ratings for Trump's handling of the economy reflect the public's overall positive sentiments on a number of economic indicators, including some readings that are as high as or higher than they have been in at least 18 years."


Meanwhile, it isn't just Gallup that shows an improvement for the President on this issue. CBS News also has a new report showing a whopping 74 percent of Americans rate the economy as good.


Over the past two months, the stock market has been volatile with major losses on Wall Street. The White House continues to argue the fundamentals of the economy are strong and hopes Democrats will work with President Trump on furthering economic progress in the new Congress.

Trump's advisors have said that despite the up and down stock market economic indicators remain strong moving forward.