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The Numbers Donít Lie: Several Economic Figures That Show Trump Is Doing Us Right (with Comment by PHB)


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  • NOTE:  The numbers may not liek=, but the liars may use the numbers to fool the people, which they are doing with the unemployment numbers. ---PHB
  • 2019-12-10
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff

    The numbers don’t lie, Trump has done this country well and if anyone were to look at the numbers alone they would assume he was the most popular President in history. Sadly, Trump isn’t the most popular President in history, with all the enemies he has it is impossible to please everyone. Here are the numbers that show Trump is doing the economy and America well:



    1.) Unemployment Rate

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    The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in a long time, more Americans are going to work than under the past few Presidents. It doesn't stop there though, Trump is constantly getting companies to build American and even more people are getting jobs than before.  



    2.) Trump Stock Market

    ·        2019-12-10

    ·        Source: TTN staff

    ·        by: TTN

    Under the Trump administration, the stock market has seen unprecedented growth, this is because the people on Wall Street see Trump as a safe bet. The threat of impeachment looms however and the Democrats might scare the markets into receding back.    




    3.) Rising Wages

    Wages are rising under the Trump administration, this time though it isn’t the wages of bureaucrats and Washington fat cats. The wages of many Americans are seeing a bump and people are glad to see it. Wages in the United States have been stagnant for a long time, to see any raise at all is a blessing.     



    4.) Economic Growth

    The growth of business big and small have been apparent since Trump took office in 2016. His legislation and changes to regulation have made it easy for a business to take off and do well. The fact that more Americans have the money to spend on these businesses is also a factor that has led to their booming success.    



    5.) Food Stamps

    American’s are taking less and less food stamps, this is a sign that America is escaping the need for these dependency programs. It is important to keep these assistance programs in play because a family might be down on their luck, but these programs were not meant to provide constant assistance.    



    6.) Trade Deficit

    The decreasing trade deficit is a sign that Trump is standing up the global elite and demanding the US get a fair shake in any deal made. This is a nice change of pace from past Presidents who let foreign governments walk all over the US.