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Carl F. Worden

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From: Dick Eastman
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 9:20 PM
So I'm watching these talking heads on CNBC telling America that the signs of a recovery are there.  They are lying and not just merely misled.  They are flat lying, hoping some suckers out there will start making purchases to jump-start America's consumer-driven engine, and to a small degree it is working.  All I can tell you is this:  When your money is spent, it is GONE, okay?  If there is not a corresponding and reliable, ongoing source of income to offset your purchases, don't make the purchases.  Is there anyone, outside of Jackson County, Oregon, the stupidest county in all the Universe, that does not understand this concept?  (Jackson County, Oregon has about 210,000 residents, and they maintain something like 13-15 library branches to keep a bunch of otherwise needless people employed on the taxpayers' dime.  The residents of Jackson County largely think this is a great idea, yet the population in general is terribly uneducated and has nothing to show for all the libraries.  Yes, they really are intensely stupid here!) 
Unless and until the U.S. Jobs Report begins to list positive job gains, this recession/depression is not over, and I don't care what any alleged financial expert has to say otherwise.
Once again, I am going to point out that this whole mess did NOT start with Bush 43 and his undeclared war.  That was merely an exacerbation of this economic mess that started with President Bill Clinton signing onto the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Trade And Tariffs (GATT) -- against his Democratic Party lobby.  NAFTA and GATT were, hands down and indisputable, the most heinous acts of treason ever committed against the citizens of the United States, and not a shot needed to be fired to accomplish it.
NAFTA and GATT virtually eliminated the trade protections we had to preserve our exceptionally high standard of living.  We are a nation of just 310 million people who once enjoyed a standard of living that was the envy of all the world.  We have now been thrown into a global economic cauldron that makes our ability to compete for wealth creation "equal" with the rest of the world, even though we had all the natural resources and form of government that made us able to out-perform every other nation on the planet.
 The fact is, the rest of the world can now compete unfairly with the United States in terms of labor and interfering regulations where manufacturing is concerned, so instead of manufacturing and creating wealth within our nation, our most reliable export is now raw goods -- goods that will be manufactured in foreign and even hostile nations -- and then sold back to the American consumer.
Let me put it this way:  If a serious think-tank of malicious financial experts sat down for a week to develop a plan to reverse and destroy everything that made the United States a super power and give the citizens the highest standard of living in the world, nothing could or would have been more effective than the adoption of NAFTA and GATT.  THAT is just how serious and profound that act of high treason was against the American people, and the key player was President Bill Clinton, even though George Bush 43 is also a strong supporter of so-called "Free Trade" himself.  In point of fact, it was the unholy and rare alliance between the Republican-controlled Congress and President Bill Clinton in 1993 that began the economic degradation we find ourselves in today, and I am going to write what I normally don't bother with:
Ross Perot desperately tried to tell you the same thing.
Gone are the days when a high-school graduate could get a job in an American factory paying a family-wage income, benefits and retirement savings.  Such a public high school product would be lucky to get a job selling used cars or dishing up Big Macs now because almost all the decent manufacturing jobs are now being held by China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.  In order for the typical American kid to enter the workplace with any chance of advantage at all, s/he must be skilled well beyond a high school education, and that means either trade school or college.  Even then, those kids are having to compete with foreign workers who have received HB-1 Visas to work alongside, or in competition with, our own emerging workforce right here in America.  Again, this is yet another act of high treason committed against our own people by the politicians we elected.
So getting back to the very sharp point of this article, unless and until we have a positive jobs report, and I don't mean a report revealing we lost less jobs than the month or year before, we are still swirling down the economic toilet.  The United States must begin creating jobs before any report of an economic recovery is taken seriously, and after NAFTA and GATT, I can assure you that life in the United States will never be the same again.  We will continue to see a slow but steady degradation of our former standard of living unless and until NAFTA and GATT are once and for all time, eliminated as the worst "mistake" the government of the United States ever made, and I don't see that ever happening because too many people in positions of power are making too much money from that unholy and treasonous act.
Carl F. Worden