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Barter It

Rod Remelin

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America will be going back to a Barter system here pretty soon, might as well start seeing what you have to trade for something you might need.
When Argentina's fiat currency went bust back in the early 90's, they to fell back to bartering, much to the bankers dismay.
Americans will now need a different mindset regarding exchange, when their plastic won't go through, and no one wants their worthless paper anymore -- they, we, us, will have to have something to trade of value, for value. It will be quite a shock for many,
their life's built largely on a cultivated and widely marketed illusion, will no longer be there for them to interact with, the substance for addiction removed from their grasp -- a whine will go out from the land which will be as 300 million screaming brats, wanting their bottle. . . alas no bottle will be coming for the passengers of the " Good Ship Lollipop".
The skill of bartering, will quickly outstrip mindless and pointless consumerism. On the bright side however, the lowest form of life on the planet (The American Consumer), will mercifully become an anachronism.