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The Bailout that Paulson put on the table, last week, is a prescription for the ulitmate demise of the American Working Class in the United States. The very fact that he would suggest that this, the greatest Corporate Bailout in US history, legislation must be fast-tracked in the next week should be enough to elicit skepticism on the part of the American People.

Should this legislation get passed it will usher in hyper-inflation of such magnitude that it will leave the American People penniless and we will in essence become indentured slaves of the New World Order. Why would this happen? Well, because no matter how you cut it the bailout will set the currency printing presses overtime -- printing trillions of dollars which will dilute the value of our money supply. So your essentials will no longer be affordable. Milk, that has already increased 100% in price over the last 4 years, could easily cost you $8/gallon in the next few years. In fact everything you purchase will cost you at least twice what is costing you right now.

And all of our current problems stem from the establishment of Federal Reserve Banks (e.g,, Central Banks) in 1913: something our Founding Fathers were unanaimously opposed. Consider this quote from Thomas Jefferson:



"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, (i.e., the "business cycle") the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States 1801-1809


Well, is this not exactly what we are seeing today?

Over the weekend some of the most astute economists (e.g., Grieder, Krugman etc.) have amplified this discussion and have deemed Paulson's Corporate Bailout as a disaster for the American Working Class.

On July 19th I produced a video which anticipated this crisis with such prescience that it actually even suprized me: and that is rare:

You can watch the video for free at the following link:


Where is the bailout for the American People?


Unfortunately both McCain and Obama are in the pockets of the Global Elite and will do nothing to prevent this disaster from moving forward. They will become assessories in the destruction of the American Working Class. I highly recommend that you don't vote for either, but rather issue a protest vote for me ("Bruce W. Cain"), Barr, Ron Paul or Mickey Mouse. It does not matter who you cast your vote for as long as it is not McCain or Obama. What does matter is that on November 5th, we send a vote of non-confidence to the Global Elite.

In the meantime make sure you take 5 miniutes out of your day to call you Federal House and Senate Representatives. I would suggest you make the following 2 points when you call:

(1) Let them know that you understand that this Corporate Bailout will set the stage for Hyperinflation and destroy the remaining wealth and income of the American People.

(2) Insist that they instead come up with a Bailout for the American People that will insure that not a single additional Legal American Citizen looses there home from this point forward.

All you have to do is call the following number. If you know the names of your Federal Representatives fine. If you don't just tell them what state you are from and they should be able to direct you.

(202) 224-3121

For the last year I have put forth what I call the "New Agenda for America." At first glance it appears to be a patchwork of political planks. It is really a formula for dethrowning the Global Elite that has infected our government like a malignant for of cancer. The "New Agenda for America" can be seen as at least part of the cure for this cancer.

There is no single person among us that can envision a complete solution at this point. But what we must do immediately is to freeze the crime scene until we can fully analyse the causes that have led us to this point and to determine what set of solutions can be issued forward to assure the salvation of the American Working Class.

When I say we are in the midst of a "National Emergency" I am not just engaging is political hyperbole. This is the real deal my friends. And the only hope we have right now is for a FDR personage to wrest the controls of the Executive Branch in order to forge a New Deal for the American People.

I would much appreciate it if you would send this email as widely as possible on this Sunday (09/21/2008). Our future depends on it.

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce W. Cain

Editor, New Age Citizen