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NO FORECLOSURES ! Guerilla Principles to Save Your Family and Stick It to the Banks!

David Chu

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One in every 11 mortgage borrowers in the United States is in some stage of foreclosure or is past due on their mortgage payment.

At the end of March 2008, some 4,800,000 loans were in some form of trouble. That's almost 5 million families in financial trouble. And nearly 8,500,000 homeowners have a negative or no equity in their homes (i.e., what they owe to the banks on their mortgages is equal to or greater than what their homes are worth.)*

From December 2007 through May 2008, Wall Street and the Banks have received bailout after bailout from the Federal Reserve for their sub-prime mortgage and related financial problems that they have caused in the first place.

These Banks got dirt cheap, short-term loans from the Fed backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. taxpayers. The Bank Loans total some $435 billion as of May 6, 2008--to see what this amount really looks like, that's $435,000,000,000 with 9 zeros!


During this same period, how much did Middle America--including your family--get from the Federal Reserve or the U.S. government in terms of "bailouts" or financial help for their sub-prime mortgage or housing problems?

ZERO. That's $0 with zero zeros!

Isn't it time to level the inherently uneven playing field just a little?

In favor of Middle America?  And your family?

You bet it is!

Now, you can do it legally! And stick it to the Banks!

NO Foreclosures! may be the key to your family's financial future and a solution to stave off your family's home foreclosure.

Your family may even be one of the lucky ones (1 in 5 borrowers may qualify) who can legally stay at your current home without paying a single penny on your mortgage, and your banker or mortgage servicer cannot do a single thing to foreclosure on you!

Find out if this is a possibility for your family and, if so, how to utilize this legal loophole as well as other guerilla principles to save your family from foreclosure and financial ruin.

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*Estimate for the end of 2009 is that some 15,000,000 homes will be underwater (negative equity).