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America - The Newest Third World Nation

The Earl of Stirling

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The evil Bush administration has largely completed the process begun years ago of turning America, the most powerful and richest nation in history, into a Third World nation. I remember a lunch, about 21 years ago in Long Beach, California, with the president of an aerospace company, myself, and a senior foreign general. A comment by the general has always stayed with me. He said, "America is a very rich nation, it will take a lot to bring her down". In the twenty some years after this, I am simply amazed at just how far one crooked president after another, with the assistance of our "bought and paid for" Congress has managed to take us.

Currently we have an economy that is being held together with bailing wire and glue until after the November election. Even CNBC's Cramer, a capitalist if there ever was one, now says that the American stock market is so rigged that the average person needs to get out NOW (link to a video with him talking about this is


--- here).

We have just seen the early stages of systemic problems in the American economy and the global economy with the fallout from the subprime mortgage problems. The real problem is that the "policemen" of the American economy, and to a lessor extent the entire global economy, have "been asleep" at their jobs; and this has not been an accident. Laws have been changed overturning the post-Great Depression rules designed to save the banking industry from itself.

We have had a massive host of new investment vehicles created over the last few years, and in many cases even the people pushing the vehicles do not understand how they work because they have been designed to be so complex as to confuse even the experts. We have $1.2 quadrillion invested in derivates, trillions in collateralized debt obligations and structured investment vehicles ~ and many of these new forms of financial paper are shady in the extreme.

The American economy, and with it the global economy, is being deliberately set up to collapse. One can look to the traditional sources of war, economic crisis, and revolution to find the cause behind the demise of America. The global international banking families fingerprints are all over the programmed fall of America. While they had their hands in the War of 1812, and the Civil War, blackmailed Wilson to get the US into the First World War, placed their puppet FDR in the White House to control (to their designs) the Great Depression and then to bate the Japanese to attack us to get American in the Second World War, the deliberate high treason committed on 9/11 by senior Bush/Cheney administration officials was a new low. We have now experienced almost seven years of wars based on this false flag operation and we are being led into yet another war with Iran (a nation with advanced biological strategic weapons of mass destruction that can kill a third of the world). Additionally the satanic US Vice-President is in Georgia preparing to push the Russians into the coming Third World War; a world war that with current 21st Century weapons will kill most of us.

We are currently witnessing the main stream news media's massive coverage of the Democratic National Convention, with the follow-on coverage of the Republican National Convention in a couple of weeks. This coverage is designed to convince the American public that "their vote does count", that the American political system is working for them. This BS/hype is falling on more and more 'deaf ears' as more people turn to the alternative internet news sources for the truth. Americans have not forgotten that two years ago they elected a Democratic Congress to end the war in Iraq but instead the Democratic controlled Congress actually increased the funding for the war and the troop levels.

Some thirty-five years ago, we legalized bribery in America by allowing PACs (political action committees). What had been done before under the table, suddenly became legal and this allowed money to elbow out whatever influence the public had in Congress. Unless you are making tens of thousands of dollars in contributions to your congress critter don't expect him to really care about you or your interest. The average Congressman must raise $40,000 per day for every day that he/she spends in Washington. Not even the most beautiful hooker on earth can rake in that level of money but out Congressmen and Senators do, giving a whole new meaning to the term prostitution.

We have a medical/pharmaceutical industry that is more fraud and rip off than real medicine. Most expensive pharmaceuticals are designed to "treat you" rather than to "cure you" and in fact the treatment usually brings on additional serious health problems. No one can do anything about this as Big Pharma spends untold millions every year buying off Congress.

We have a giant agricultural industry whose genetically modified food is killing off the bees and without the bees, most of us will not have enough food to survive.

A sign of a Third World country is that its systems don't work well because the government is for sale. When you can bribe anyone in the government to get what you want, regardless of the death and suffering that it causes to the population, that is a sign of very deep sickness in the nation. No society that allows a high level of organic corruption, of the outright buying of votes in its parliament or congress, will function well. That is why so many African and other Third World nations are failed states. This is happening more and more to America.

We are in a madman's race to see what kills us first, corporate food and medical nightmares or the ever increasing march to global war by the neo-cons.

It breaks my heart to see the great American experiment in democracy fail and fail so horribly. The first Earl of Stirling (Sir William Alexander of Menstrie) was the founder of English-speaking Canada and was the owner of what became several American states and most of Canada. The last claimant (before me) to the Earldom was Major General Lord Stirling of the American Revolutionary Army. He was a key financier of George Washington; took over Washington's command when he would take a rare leave of absence to return to Mt. Vernon; saved Washington's army at the Battle of Long Island (which the Earls of Stirling use to own); and gave his fortune and his life to the American nation. On my watch (as Earl), I am seeing America destroyed.