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  • 2020-04-24
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff

These 'American' Companies are Owned by China

China has a lot of influence in America, a lot more than the average American knows. The way China invests in companies abroad is very interesting and what is important to know is that all companies in China are effectively extensions of the Communist regime in China. If a Chinese investment firm is buying up American companies, these companies will ultimately become tools for the Chinese government. Here are American Companies that China has total control over:

1.) Motorola Mobility

Motorola, one of the world's largest cell phone manufacturers, is owned by the Chinese. The company was first bought by Google in 2012 but was later sold to a Chinese company for 2.9 billion

2.) Legendary Entertainment Group








The Legendary Entertainment Group is the studio behind Jurassic World and Pacific Rim. Sadly this company is now just another tool to be used by the Chinese government and Hollywood will remain complicit in their takeover of the entertainment industry.

3.) GE Appliances


While GE is still headed in Kentucky, the company is owned by a Chinese company named Qingdao Haier. GE is as American as apple pie, but sadly this is changing as the Chinese seek to take over the electronics market. When it comes to software development the US is still on top but a lot of the hardware we use every day is made and designed in China.

4.) Smithfield Foods


The Smithfield Foods company is mainly known for its holiday hams and food products that are enjoyed by many around the country, what little know is the company was bought by a Chinese company in 2013. The deal cost the Chinese company $7.1 billion and is one of the largest Chinese purchases of an American company in history.

5.) Riot Games


Riot Games is one of the biggest names in the Video Game industry. They are behind League of Legends, a game that drives a multi-million dollar competitive scene. The company Tencent(a Chinese corporation) bought a majority of the company in 2015 for $400 million and would later go on to purchase the rest of it for an undisclosed amount. Many speculated that the company helped censor Hong Kong related messaging form teams and fans at several events in late 2019 in the midst of the Free Hong Kong protests.

6.) AMC


AMC Theaters is a place where many go to enjoy the latest films and where they get a chance to enjoy these films with friends and family. Many consumers do not know however that this theater is owned by a Chinese firm. This same firm has sought to purchase even more in the entertainment industry, this includes a major part of paramount pictures.