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This is From my Paster/Trucker friend who live in Missouri


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The Greater Kansas City area has come under a 30 day "shelter in place" order, becoming effective 3-24.  That would include the area where my hub is located in Kansas.  We drivers were just informed by our boss that we have been deemed essential since we haul both medical supplies (gloves, masks, TP, cleaning supplies, etc.) and construction supplies necessary for maintaining or repairing the infrastructure and/or temporary medical facilities.  Sometime this coming week all warehouse workers and drivers will be given papers granting them permission to travel through and work in the counties under this order.  I believe this order will be expanded to statewide, and will be enforced. 

As far as a Route 66 scenario, 99% of all trucks are tightly governed electronically so nearly all will still run at the speeds they were governed to.  Where things may change will be weigh stations.  Most trucks have an electronic Prepass which acts a like a stop light.  When approaching a weigh station, wherein one's truck has already been identified as to whom it belongs, the Prepass light fixed to the dash will either go green and signal the driver to bypass the station, or go red where it is to exit in and get weighed.  This all depends on the safety and inspection records of the company or person this truck belongs to.   I suspect that all companies deemed essential will be given a mandatory green bypass signal.  All of the weigh stations are directly linked to the DOT so all of them will be given the same instructions.

Driving through St Louis Friday early night, which normally is bumper to bumper madness, was quite eerie as there were few cars and steady lines of trucks.  All of the normally packed shopping malls and car dealerships were empty.  The enormous, elaborately lit Ameristar casino which sits like a queen on the Missouri river was dark and empty.  The few truck stops along the way looked like desert island oases of light and activity, being packed with trucks and cars.  I have yet, however, to see anywhere on the route to Indy any roadblock construction, as has been reported on alt media.

Carmen has been laid off at Ford.  Suzie, who works for a major security and alarm company, has been deemed essential and will be working.  Emily, who is in college and works as a drug counselor for the state, is sheltering in place.  My oldest daughter Laura who manages a small internet provider store is still working for now.

I suspect this is the big move to bring America under global communism, so it will likely get much harder over the weeks to come.  Nonetheless, as the Lord is Sovereign over all, including Covid19 and those who intend to use it for evil, there will be three basic outcomes for humankind ---- those who will be judged unto death and godless sorrow, those who will be chastened unto repentance, and those who will be delivered untouched ---- all to God's glory and righteous purposes.  Even so, come Lord Jesus and judge righteously among the nations.

In His service and yours


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