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As Sales Plunge, GM Might Cancel Six Car Models (Further Proof that Many Americans Can No Longer Afford to Buy Cars)

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GM is also cancelling six models because:

A.) Top brass at GM know that all  sectors of Their historically qualified purchasing customers are being reduced in size, and have been statistically dwindling due to declining birth-rates since the 1960's.

B.) Top brass at GM also know that over-all global populations are further being reduced using direct weather modification, atmospheric aerosol spraying, blanket RF bombardment, wars, food and water poisoning, abortion, suicide, and the ever popular -- now only just emerging -- human euthanasia industry, which by the way, is ironically destined to become the next biggest pro growth sector in all westernized countries, with the US being the leading proponent.

C.) Top Brass at GM know that global populations are being ethnically altered by the breeding out of the white race via forced immigration in those countries comprising the largest populations of white people, which means that the off-spring of those couplings will be less likely to afford the price of a newer car due to Their reduced inbred intelligence to ever qualify for a job that would pay Them enough to afford one.

Short Version:

GM top brass know that the Their current customer base is being drastically culled, and altered, and that the process of culling will be aggressively increasing over the coming decade, so why continue to build the amount and types of cars for a population that is being intentionally eliminated, and bred out? "