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Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael, St. Germain

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11.  You  must  not  impose  nor  force  your

free-will  upon  the  free-will  of  an­other.

Also  known  as  “The  Law  of  Non-



This law was given forth by God so that the free-will and soul-evolution of each fragment would not be infringed upon without permission from GOD WITHIN, especially by the ad­versaries of God with more aware­ness of their power.  This is each frag­ment’s GOD-GIVEN protection so that there is justness in their individual process of God potential unfold­ment to­ward THE ONE.

Also, it prevents even your benevolent brothers from interfering or assist­ing, without PERMISSION, from THE HOLY FA­THER.  You see, during each lifestream of each fragment there is present the opportunity and the poten­tial for Divine Choice through the free-will expe­riences of each fragment.  The “young” souls begin to unfold their GOD-NESS through the lessons they learn in each lifestream experienced.  In other words, they learn by experi­ence TO KNOW GOD within them, and what thoughts, words and deeds keep them in the dark­ness and ignorance of what their true God Potential is.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What about the tremendous EVIL in­fluence upon this planet.  Why is it allowed by God?  The reason is this, even the “satans” or adversaries of God were not only created creatures of God but were also given Free-Will.  God is simply giv­ing his “adversary” creations their opportunity to grow into their potential of Godness and Di­vine Holy Light.  But because of their “limitedness” in behavior, meaning ego-selfish separation from THE ONE, their reality or playground of ex­perience was also “limited” by God.  They are bound BY THEIR OWN CHOICE to the lowest levels described as the 1st-5th physically mani­fested experiences.  You see, the “fallen” ones have self-imposed limita­tions by THEIR CHOICE to be ad­versarial and separate from their CRE­ATOR.  But they are always given “opportunities” to see the light of Truth in THE ONENESS OF ALL.  The rules are strict and the fallen ones KNOW the “rules” to remain ego-separate from GOD but re­main in their game of manipulation and deception.

For example: IF you feel the whisperings of the ANTI-Christ within you, You can DE­MAND IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY FATHER GOD AND/or JE­SUS CHRIST SANANDA THAT ALL DARK FRAGMENTS AND EN­ERGIES LEAVE YOUR SPACE IMMEDIATELY! They MUST go.  But they can “hang around” the periphery of your en­ergy field and wait for a weak spot in your protective shield.  This is why the im­portance of asking GOD for His “white Light” shield of love, pro­tection, guidance, power, wisdom, integrity and courage.  So you must ask THE FATHER within you to please SHOW YOU that which YOU NEED in order to serve HIS WILL.  Hence the importance of, “Not MY will Father, but in all things LET THY WILL BE DONE.” This sin­cere invocation is what keeps you on your path of SERVICE TO GOD and THE CRE­ATION and out of the folly of ignorance and perceived separa­tion where exist the Dark Brotherhood or Anti-Christs.

You may begin to see that many of you ones here now have ex­perienced many, many thou­sands or even millions of lifestreams on these lower lev­els BY YOUR CHOICE to be or re­main igno­rant to your own GOD-PO­TENTIAL and connection to the ONE ALL THAT IS!

Here is a wondrous description of this “process” of discovery by our beloved brother, Germain:

“All dimensions of THE CREATION exist simultaneously.  You simply have only your conscious awareness in this, the “3rd” dimen­sion.  As you work and live in this dimensional experience, you, with the help of your spiri­tual “teachers”, are stretching your awareness to 4th, 5th and sometimes even higher dimensional levels.  It is not a vertical stretch as you perceive things linearly, it is an EXPANSIVE all-en­compassing stretch of awareness.  Your awareness ex­pands to the level of your UNDERSTANDING—when you have learned a or some particular lessons, when you have OWNED the lesson—it frees your awareness just a bit more, stretching, moving, growing within the “MIND” of the Uni­versal I AM, The ONE ALL THAT IS.”

Now the reason that your benevolent brothers,  “THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN,” have been sent to assist you is that many of you have prayed to GOD for freedom from the bondage of your self-imposed ignorance.  They are sent here in answer to your asking GOD for his DI­VINE GUIDANCE and assis­tance.  They are YOUR brothers of higher aware­ness in service to LIGHT of God and THE CREATION.  You see, some of you have recog­nized the “folly” of the Anti-Christ within you and the influence that mass consciousness has ALLOWED the “satans” or “adversaries” to have over you and this beloved planet Earth.  You are tired and frankly bored with this illusion, with being the adversary of Godness.  You want your free­dom, you want to claim or reclaim HIS HOLY LIGHTED Presence within you.  It is time for graduation, friends, to higher levels of LIFE.  You will each now find or awaken to YOUR DIVINITY OF ONENESS, OR (and this is very important to understand) you will remain BOUND to these lower levels for perhaps an­other millennium before an­other opportunity is granted by the expanding aware­ness of the GOD-self within by THE ONE.

Remember though, that the “Lighted” Hosts of God may assist you and give instructions and TRUTH through the maze of lies and deception, BUT they cannot DO IT FOR YOU!!  You each must reclaim your own power of the DI­VINE ONE within you.  NONE can do it for an­other.  So it is wise to pay close attention to your instructions for conscious immor­tality! You will either serve GOD or you will serve your ”altered” ego-self.  It is up to YOU.