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As we deal with the groups and movements which are intended to trap the unwary seeker, let us not miss the point. Most of these things are aided, abetted and encouraged by the energies of the DBBs which are not to say that the leaders or main in­stigators are, themselves, mere puppets of the dark ones.


In some cases this is true, but in the majority of such move­ments, the DB merely spurs on the innate negativity and greedy ego of the leader, prompting him to seek wealth through the movement, or control over others, or fame--just to stand out in wondrous "holy" garb and espouse pearls of wisdom--his! As to the souls who become entrapped by the movement, they too are influenced wherever possible by the DBBs, who are attempting to keep them locked up in a movement where they will not be able to use their enthusiasm and energy in reaching directly out to their brothers living so called "normal" lives. The idea is to trap the unwary seekers in a vortex, to take them out of the mainstream, and, in many cases, to bring about estrangement between the seeker and members of his own family, so that the energies of the seeker will be tied up in the emotional struggle and thus be unavailable to help his brothers.


There is, however, an additional phase to the efforts of the DB to deter the advancement of the race through side-tracking seek­ers. They know that those who are impelled to find a spiritual path through life are the best hope of the world, for these souls has the possibility of reaching many, many other souls through their words and deeds. Because such souls are so pivotal to the salvation of mankind, the DB desires above all else to cause them difficulty, to side-track their energies, and to sow confu­sion and contention between them. DO ANY OF THESE THINGS HIT ANY NAILS UPON THEIR HEADS?


In terms of causing the seeker difficulty in his life-pattern, the DBBs are permitted to insist that certain karmic burdens which such souls carry be discharged at a time convenient to the DB. In most cases, the petitions by the dark ones are granted, and the karma is allowed to fall upon the seeker. The exceptions are made when the seeker is at a sensitive phase of his quest, and has placed himself in a position from where he could accomplish much which would lead others to seek a higher way through life. Aside from these exceptions, as we say, most such re­quests are allowed. This is why certain souls who are clearly aware of higher Truth will from time to time be visited by mis­fortune that does not seem to be tied directly with lesson-learn­ing, and which is not even indicated by the planetary positions.


I have already dealt with the question of side-tracking the en­ergies of the seeker, and have explained that most of this is ac­complished through the various movements now on the Earth and which act as "backwaters" into which the seeker can be trapped.




Finally there is the question of the attempts by the DBBs to sow confusion and dissension between seekers and/or workers. This is accomplished primarily through the telepathically or psychi­cally transmitted material which has found its way into books. Naturally we, too, realize that our writings must be scrutinized in the light of the comments we are about to make and have made, but we have no doubt that the careful seekers will be able to make their own determination as to which Source they feel is the more "correct" for them.


There are certain specific kinds of teachings which are precisely calculated to confuse the unwary. To explain the most impor­tant of these we must first point out what many seekers already well know; that the person and mission of the individual who was called the Christ should be regarded as the very summit of revealed Truth for mankind thus far.




Because of certain of His teachings--indeed, the simplest of the teachings--He represents a direct frontal attack upon the DB and all which they have attempted to accomplish in the millennia since the rebirth scheme was initiated. Specifically, by asserting that one should love one's enemies, Christ presented the single most effective way to overcome the temptations of Earth life and to confound the whisperings of the DB. By looking on one's enemies, or better, on all of creation--with pure love in one's heart, all of the negative emotions, all of the enmities and frus­trations of life, simply fade away. Without these annoying fac­tors, the DBBs cannot succeed in their declared aim of dragging human souls down to destruction.


The DB knows full well that the Christ's teachings in this regard are the single most effective means for gaining higher ground spiritually, and therefore, they seek in any way possible to un­dermine the reality of the figure of Christ and the validity of His message. This they do in two ways: the first is to cast doubt upon whether or not He ever lived on the Earth plane. There are certain so-called "messages" from other planes which contend that He was a reality on certain planes but not on the physical. Now, any who can understand that all of Creation is ONE, can surely perceive that if Christ was a reality on one plane, He must have manifested on all planes. To do otherwise would detract from the completeness of the message which His life represented.


Other transmissions contend that He was merely a man, and that there was nothing special about Him aside from the wisdom which He had attained through revelation or study. Again, this is intended to undermine the importance of His life, and to sow doubt as to whether He represented some special factor which had entered the Earth realm to live and walk with mankind. Well, He was merely a man who was greater than all men but He taught that any man could reach His stature and wisdom.


In short, any contention that Christ was less than a manifested special being whose life was dedicated to the spiritual upliftment of the human race, and Who was over lighted during the ministry years by the pure Glory of the Father Creator, must be carefully scrutinized to see whether or not there is a deliberate attempt to detract from the importance of the Christian message (and I speak of the "Christian" message in full Truth of definition--not what it has become in your eons of misinterpretation).


Other supposed teachings from other planes are also directed to undermining the certainty and understanding of the seeker. For example, some sources contend that the passage of time is an il­lusion, that all lives are lived simultaneously, and that there is no real distinction between past, present and future. Now, in a certain sense which can only be understood from a vantage point which is outside of the physical plane, this contention is true. However, the result of trying to fully grasp this philosophical notion from within physical incarnation can only be total confu­sion--what you perceive is time allotments and that is exactly what you get.


The consciousness of man has been given to him in order to al­low him to perceive time as a flow, so that he could understand the great Law of Cause and Effect. Man does A and the result is Z. This always takes place in that order, and is intended to allow a perception of the truth that man, by virtue of the thoughts and emotions he harbors, makes his own reality.


If this latter idea can be grasped, then the even higher purpose can be served, namely to allow each incarnated soul to un­derstand itself.


The DBBs do not want man to understand all of the rami­fications of what we will call Karmic Law, and they attack the possibility of such a grasp by trying to confuse the seeker with regard to "time". If one concludes that the flow of time is an illusion, and that "all lives are lived simultaneously," then how can existence from one life possibly affect another? But "karma" does pass from life to life. (Karma is another of your misused words which has lost most of its true definition, but I find no other suitable.) At the level where there are manifested results of these experiences, it is quite correct and certainly ade­quate to consider that one life precedes another in an orderly fashion and sequence. The reconciliation of the Earth-based point of view with the higher grasp of time as a single instant which is "pulled out" into a stream by man's consciousness must wait until the seeker has reached the spiritual plane from which these ideas can be seen in their full light.




Now for one other example of misleading teachings. There are sources which contend that the galactic observers now in the re­gion of the Earth are not all friendly to mankind. There is the suggestion that some are distinctly alien and even hostile, and that certain of these beings kidnap humans and kill humans and animal life for experimental purposes.


It is difficult for us to present a line of argument which will fully set aside the fears that such messages engender, but I will most surely attempt to do so.


Firstly, it is true that not all of the civilizations in this galaxy are highly evolved in a technical and spiritual sense. Some are comparable to Earth civilization, which presently are at the very bottom of the scale due to the self-annihilation which mankind practices through war, violence and murder. However, the pre­sent phase of evolution of the galactic entity itself is such that only those civilizations which have attained a state of awareness of the cosmic laws and who have overcome the base passions which lead to war, tyranny and self-annihilation are allowed to develop the technical means which are necessary to permit them to move to other parts of the galaxy. The ones who- remain im­prisoned in their own negativity and violence must also remain prisoners of their own planets--just as do you ones.


Hence, the other unevolved civilizations in this galaxy are also confined to their own local region of space, because they are not allowed to develop the technological means for escaping. In the case of man, the minor successes in terms of reaching the moon are the maximum which can be achieved using the current tech­nology. No space entity would defy the cosmic laws to go fur­ther. That does not mean that attempts have not been made to extract information from ones who fall into your clutches. It does mean, however, that you have more allies in place on your planet than you had supposed at first glance. The secret of free energy (as you commonly recognize "energy") will not fall into man's hands so long as he threatens to pollute the rest of space with his hatred and his uncontrolled passions.


It thus follows that those civilizations that are able to make the journey to this part of the galaxy must be of an evolved nature, and this is true. If they were not, then with their vastly superior technology they could easily decimate this planet, kill all life, or set themselves up as absolute dictators (you do a good enough job of all those categories to not need assistance). No force known to humanity could stop them. BUT, THEY "ARE" STOPPED--BY THEIR OWN SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT. The galactic observers would never dream of attempting to in­terfere with man's path on this planet. That law is over-ruled ONLY when a planetary civilization has descended so far into self-destruction--as man has done--that it threatens not only to destroy itself, but to poison or damage other regions of space in the bargain, not to mention destruction of his only life-source, mother planet.




Because man has been allowed to develop nuclear energy, there is a serious danger that, during the coming nuclear war=and there will be one-the explosions could actually damage the fab­ric of space itself. It is for this reason that the observers and participants are here in such numbers and remain on constant alert. Otherwise, we would wait until the allotted timing and do the Armageddon "thing" and get it all over with. We have a duty to the Galactic Being, namely to preserve it from damage committed knowingly or unknowingly, by humanity as it un­leashes centuries of hatred and violence upon itself in the last death throes upon the Earth planet. At the same time we under­stand that we must be prepared to step in and rescue the noblest fraction of the race from the holocaust which man's unevolved passions will unleash. Without the possibility of such a rescue, there is a danger that man really could accomplish the complete annihilation of himself and all other life-forms on the planet.


The aforementioned instances of misleading and confusing in­formation will suffice to illustrate the efforts exerted by the DBB to detour seekers from their path. Only one further area remains to be discussed, and that relates to the "direct" attempts to physically interfere with the projects that seekers undertake in the service of their brothers.


Dharma, I realize you grow very fatigued and I will close when you make a decision to do so. I do not have much more for this session so I will leave it in your determination. Perhaps we could slow a bit and be able to finish.




I emphasize first of all that direct access to the physical plane of manifestation is extremely limited for the DBBs, as it is for the other more positive brotherhoods as well. The Law in this re­gard is that both they and we must primarily work through those who are in incarnation. Hence, the good that can be done in the world must ultimately depend on the willingness of incarnated individuals to put their time and energy into the endeavor. Likewise, the evil that manifests on the Earth plane must do so through the agency of those in bodies who are prepared to do the work of the DBBs.


If all who are attuned to darkness should cease to inhabit phys­ical bodies, the evil afflicting the Earth would disappear, be­cause there would be no more instruments through which the DBBs could accomplish their aims.


The rule that governs direct influence in the plane of matter is simple to state: the energy required to accomplish a given in­terference within the three-dimensional, second density material plane is directly proportional to the amount of good or evil which that interference can accomplish. For example, if a given interference is directed to producing a clearly negative action-­like a murder=the energy required from the DBBs to accomplish it directly (without one of their disciples being utilized) is enor­mous. Usually, unless they considered such an act indispensable to their cause, they would not be prepared to lose that amount of energy. Besides, it is not so difficult to find fanatics who will, say, plant a bomb aboard an airline. Now, on the other side, the force required to, say, cause a fire to suddenly emit a shower of sparks, for example, in order to jolt or frighten those sitting around it, is not nearly so great.


The main point which must be understood here is that they--and we--are under the Law of "Economy of Energy", so to speak. This means that neither we nor they have access to limitless amounts of energy with which to seek our respective goals. If only one side were restricted in this way, and the other had ac­cess to as much energy as it required, then the battle would not be balanced. If both sides were given all of the energy they wanted to use, the Earth plane would turn into an arena in which discarnate forces battled ad infinitum, leaving no room for man to pursue his spiritual pilgrimage--or anything else. Hence, the only workable scheme is to limit both sides equally.


So, now some things to look out for.  The DBBs utilize the cre­ation of robot-like entities at the etheric level, programmed to directly interfere with reality. For example, if the DB wishes to delay the publication of a book, they could send such entities to the location where the actual printing is to take place, after pro­gramming them to cause break-downs and mistakes during the printing process. Mostly they will utilize thought pattern input to cause ones performing tasks to cause disruption or break­downs. You may run into that very thing with these publications for the press prints some pretty low vibration material.


In order to create robots of the kind mentioned, the DBBs must actually donate a part of their own essence. When the job is completed, the essences are re-absorbed back into those who do­nated them. However, if the material going to create the robots should be destroyed by means known to certain seekers, before re-absorption can take place, then the re-combining cannot occur and the contributing DBBs permanently lose the respective parts that sustained the destroyed etheric robots. I trust you un­derstand that etheric means invisible to the human conscious­ness.




The technique for destroying such etheric entities is to command them, in the name of Jesus Christ, to disappear and to cease to exist. In the name of Immanuel Christ, or Sananda, or Creator, or, or, or is quite as sufficient. It is that for so long now, the term Jesus has been accepted that the name is most distasteful to the DBBs. It is, further, not sufficient to order them simply to depart as that does not entail disintegration of the entity, only departure.


This is where you get the saying, "There are gremlins in the ma­chinery," if a machine keeps breaking down. There are also good little fairies so I do not wish to be lopsided. However, gremlins serve a very definite purpose and, brothers, those particular entities are originated on the dark side.


The DBBs can also manipulate many of the currents and elementary forces which are most attuned to them in vibration. For example, although the element n fire" is a great purifying power on the Earth plane, it is also attuned to the notion of karma, the trial by fire, and the destruction of that which is con­sumed. Especially when the fire is burning coal (coming from the darkness beneath the surface of the Earth) the DBBs are en­abled to manipulate it to their own ends. We should emphasize that such use of fire cannot be allowed to be kept outside of that called for in a karmic aspect, but the karmic burden of the race as a whole is still so great that the DB has great latitude in terms of how they may wish to use this elemental force.


Another process at work in relation to fire is the manner in which human beings provide the energies which manifest in many of the fires which destroy property. Fire is the phe­nomenon which most closely corresponds to rage and anger.


These connections of fire with anger are no accident. When any two persons indulge in a fierce argument, with much shouting and anger, but without giving full vent to the anger in a physical way, there is created at the etheric level a seething cloud of fire­-like energy which seeks expression on the Earth plane. If it cannot find expression in violence between the two persons who created it, then it will, given the right circumstances, release it­self in a destructive fire. Of course, some spark must be present to allow the fire to begin, but once it is initiated its full fury will manifest. If that type of energy is stored within, make sure you cleanse it with spiritual water, brothers.




Finally, the DBBs are able to literally take over certain persons for brief (or prolonged) periods of time, and through them carry out specific actions. This can even happen to those who are normally of a spiritual nature, if such persons open themselves up to the dark forces. Most opening up comes through over indulgence in alcohol for it is the one most abused altering sub­stance. When one takes alcohol into the system, in any form, an access opens at the back of the head, through which the darker forces, if they put enough effort into it, can gain access. Let me assure you that in this group, any effort is not too much.


Much can be accomplished in a short time by one properly placed, and the DBBs will normally only undertake this proce­dure if it promises to yield rich dividends for them. In the in­stance of a couple, often years are lost to Light service because one or the other of the pair are kept in an addiction for that spe­cific reason. Again, you must command the energy to withdraw and depart, in the name of the Christ. It will go for it is obli­gated to do so. It does not mean it will go willingly, without a struggle or instantly. However, if attended diligently it will de­part-every time.


Although I have set forth the main techniques by which the DBBs seek to influence humans in incarnation, I must point out that there are many instances which do not fall into the cate­gories I have described. In every case, however, the seeker or worker whose intuition is open, is alert and asks for proper guidance, will be able to decide for himself when the DBBs are behind any particular manifestation on the Earth plane--they are, remember, required to "wear" a clue.


Dharma, let us close for today for if we set the stress on the wrist muscles too intently, we will be delayed on the morrow. There is too much material to finish easily at this sitting.


I am most indebted to you for your willing service and I shall not mention Simon Peter again this day. So be it and Salu.