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Clint D. Jedidiah Shalom Knix              

P.O. Box 520  *  2396 Hy 93

Victor, MT USA 59875                                 

4 Adar 42 Satan [3-1-90]

George Green

P.O. Box 4280

Leucadia, CA USA 92024


Shalom George;


I heard you on the Billy Goodman Show. You are  .  patsy for some God damned witch. These demons this woman is talking about and to are the beast. It's the height to stupidity to believe somebody wants to be kidnapped and implanted. You're just another false prophet. If you have a channel to these bastards, then you channel my material to them. You're so worried about nuclear radiation, you've got to ask yourself why. It doesn't hurt the planet. Plants are healthier and it doesn't hurt pure people. Only mongrels are affected.


I am writing you to tell you what I have discovered, that will soon take place. The UN headed up by the USA and USSR will wage war with the UFO'S. they will fight with the ones who made a treaty with, their are four group's, Nathshaw [the dragon, head of all Japanese] Ephram [head of all Christans] Arie [head of all Jews] Asher [head of all Moslems]. The World powers have got it in their heads they can win in an armed struggle with these UFO’S.


They have a vary unrealistic notion of the law TOPAH that rules the Universe. As long as those UFO’S are in the creators service they will only do what they can get away with no more. When they are terminated from the Creators service they will not be restrained and they will do just as they have bin instructing their followers to do.


We all know what they taught. Jesus taught cannibalism "take my body and eat it, and drink my blood you must do this on Easter every year or you have no part with me" this is in direct conflict with TOPAH. You might say this proves nothing, This is not the only time there are many occasions where Jesus directs the people to eat blood and brake the TORAH. Just like all Black Magicians worship Jesus. Who do you think drinks the blood and why don't they ever get caught, The answer is simple they are in charge. Why aren't they thrown out by the Creator you ask ? Because they do not bother the Pure People And THEY MAKE SURE NO ONE IS ABLE TO PROVE THEIR EXISTENCE. By what ever means possible they protect their Identity.


When they are discovered the Creator will not allow then to exist without observance of TORAH. And they will be under the control of Satan.


The 1,290 days of Daniel end on Yom Kippurim, 10 Tishrei  43 Satan, [9-28-90]. This will be the day of nuclear war. It will last for three days. From that day forward, the pure people will be resurrected and given a new status, a new body not attached to the Earth. While all those who have consumed blood will be banished from the face of the Earth. They will exist under the Earth in holes, caves and fallout shelters. The Earth will be made radioacrtive so they will be forced off of the face of the Earth. This is what's meant by separation. Nuclear radiation will only have a detrimental effect on those who worship the beast and his image. These hostilities can start any time after  1 Abib 43 Satan [3-27-90]. Only those males who have made Passover sacrifice will be resurrected to a God state.­­