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Also  called  “THE  LAWS  OF  BALANCE”

(Commandments 1-5)





Achieve the wis­dom of knowledge inasmuch as this will en­able you to wisely follow the Laws of The Cre­ation.


This means to seek and demand the TRUTH be shown to you so that you must develop that ability to discern and judge all infor­mation, actions and behavior with self and others which go against the laws of balance given forth by GOD and The Cre­ation.  This also means that when information is put before your at­tention, you must ask the FATHER within you to show you whether or not it is true and ask for the Father to give you the verification you need for under­standing the Truth in all infor­mation and situations which HE puts before you.  THIS means you must have the courage and the deter­mination to conquer the fear, apathy and ignorance within your altered ego to ACHIEVE THE WIS­DOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH!





You shall Honor God as the ruler of the human races and follow his Laws for HE is the “King of Wisdom”.








This means you must recognize that your soul existence and your life on this plane is only possible by the wondrous grace of God, your Creator.  You must recognize and honor HIS HOLY PRESENCE within you AND ALL THAT IS, because it is by HIS HOLY GRACE that you shall be able to receive his guid­ance and instructions for WHAT your service is to God and The Creation to maintain the glory of light and love and life in con­stant unfoldment of the glori­ous mystery of the ONE.  In other words, YOU will learn to understand and be al­ways connected with the ONE­NESS of ALL THAT IS in Creation. 


Now, to remember and understand this, THE LAW of ONE, you must re­alize that ALL beings AND creations are EQUAL OR EVEN in reflection of and importance TO THE ONE God, only that each is simply DIFFER­ENT in abili­ties, talents, and beingness as an EXPRES­SION of THE ONE ALL THAT IS.  Contrary to perhaps your own “opinion”, You as A HU-MAN (Higher Univer­sal Man) are NOT superior or inferior in im­portance to the tree, the rock, the bird or ANY other being or creation of THE ONE.  You are simply ONE of THE HOLY FATHER’S vehicles of motion for expanding and experi­encing the JOY of continuous unfoldment of THE CREATION.  You see, there cannot exist any separation, ALL come from the ONE great Source of all THE CREATION and all will return to our source, THE ONE.


Also, you must understand the true nature of the laws of Balance given forth by our FA­THER as it relates to HUMANS granted with the GIFT of FREE WILL.  For example: If ALL humans were removed from this planet, do you think that the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms would remain in balance?  The cor­rect answer is MOST DEFINITELY YES! Because they belong to the kingdom of God which was created to main­tain a won­drous Planet in Bal­ance.  You as humans who were given FREE-WILL and reasoning ability to choose to balance within the laws (or not), were also sent to God’s CRE­ATION as Guardians.  What have you done to her by choosing to live in the lie of destruc­tion which is the ANTI-Christ?  Are you proud of the pollution you pour into her waters, and soils and air-space?  This is the very wa­ter, soil and air-space YOU depend on for your physical survival.  WHERE is the REASON­ING for this sort of corruption?  Why do you crowd out and not honor the right to life of the others of God’s Sacred Kingdom, such as the trees, the miner­als, and the animals?  What have YOU CHOSEN with YOUR Gift of FREE-WILL?  Most of the Mass Consciousness of hu­manity have cho­sen death and destruction to them­selves and the planet because they BE­LIEVE and are blinded by the lies of the Anti-Christ.  They are possessed by the blindness and igno­rance of their own “altered” ego.


So now that you recognize that most ones have chosen, with their won­drous free-will, NOT to Maintain the Balance of the Laws of God and The Creation, you might ask yourself, “So what happens now?” There is a point which is reached when God must decide whether HE will preserve and RE­TURN BAL­ANCE to a kingdom of His that is lost in the darkness and ig­norance of the Anti-Christ, or whether He will allow the Anti-Christ to con­sume itself AND the planet it is sustained by.


We will give you the example of THIS kingdom of God, beloved planet Earth.  She is called “The Emerald” of this uni­verse; she is a most glori­ous cre­ation and she is ALIVE, A BE­ING OF GOD’S LOVE.  She is a part of the hu­man experience, and the human experience is a part of her.  All of the pol­lution of the thoughts, words and deeds from the humans here is now a part of HER, as well as existing within the humans who created them.  She has been raped, pillaged and plundered by those who were to be her guardians.  SHE has AL­LOWED you to make her your playground of HELL and she has CRIED OUT TO GOD FOR HELP AND MERCY.  As have many of YOU who now KNOW your only HOPE will come from the LOVING Grace and Mercy of OUR Divine Father! And GOD has an­swered HER Plea in his infinite Love, Compas­sion and Mercy.  The Promise: She will be allowed to cleanse herself from within and without of ALL the Anti-Christ pollution smothering her.... SHE WILL BE REBIRTHED INTO A CHRISTED BEING OF PERFECTION! And so too, the humans WHO choose to align in balance with the laws of God and The Creation will also re­ceive graduation into the Kingdom of God in the Higher dimen­sions of LIFE within the DI­VINE CREATION.  NONE will be spared the ultimate choice between the Kingdom of LIGHT and LOVE that is GOD’s kingdom, or to remain in the kingdom of THE ANTI-Christ...which is the desolate, hollow darkness of lies, deception and destruction.


What we are describing to you is that YOU each NOW have the opportu­nity to move your soul awareness from UNCON­SCIOUS (Current 3rd dimen­sional experience) to CONSCIOUS (New God 4th & 5th Dimen­sional experi­ence) IMMOR­TALITY.  Meditate on the meaning of that statement of Truth! May you wisely choose the glorious FREEDOM of the CON­SCIOUS IMMOR­TALITY OF GOD, TRUTH, LOVE and LIGHT!