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TUESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1990  9:30 A.M.  YEAR 3, DAY 139


Truth covered for eons by lies is always shocking, chela.  Further, if the truth comes out of proper sequence it is neither accepted nor believed.  The time is at hand to speak of these things.  You are chosen to pen it for it is elsewhere blocked in darkness.  You will learn contentment in the perceived isolation for as we pen the “Journals”, each will be more accepted than the prior and your soul shall have that truth as food.  Until we move a bit further you must accept the protection for thy task is heavy through this journey, as are the lives of those sent forth to participate.


There are many ones, doing their work and in the end it shall be blended and you will all have understanding of the requirements and methods, the sequences and the restrictions upon your lives and time.  When we turn the lies of history into the “rewritten” truth of history, it sends shock waves throughout the universe.  Man longs and hungers for truth and yet dreads the self-discipline that accompanies truth.


You know that there is no turning back for the journey is beyond the point which allows returning to beginning--knowledge learned is not “unlearned”.  So be it--you shall be given that which you need to do of thy work.


There are many “lost” places and cities which shall be coming forth again unto the attention of man.  Places from the depths of myths which were truth but long hidden in the passage of experiences.  As these great migrations and transitions come full cycle the way must be prepared for the acceptance of those things which shall come to pass.  For just as experience is an illusion so is it “manifested” illusion and must be “finished” in like manner or the journey cut short in the individual consciousness---which is termed “madness”.


You do not have to go unto these secret places, for we have come unto your place of being and you do not yet understand your circumstance.  If you were allowed to retain ALL, your physical life would not last a single day’s cycle.  You ones must work in the shroud of unknowing so that you can finish your work and not tamper with the contents of the messages brought forth.  In the instance of these immediate topics you shall be even further removed from the presence herein.  Just write that which we give unto you and we shall be fine for I hold thee most securely.




Dharma, it will become more clearly acceptable to you as to why and how YOU are the one to pen these things, as we move along.  Do not get yourself stopped to dwaddle on some of the substance to come forth.  There will be much about Akhnaton and Aton and that which WAS.  That information will be integrated with that which IS and most of it will not be very acceptable to the masses.  I am coming forth as a neutral speaker resource so that the document will be more easily rendered objective unto you, chela.  I shall speak as Hatonn, that you ones not be intimidated by my presence as ATON.


Most of this material was brought forth in written, published format through ones who were not sanctioned to bring it forth and will therefore be repeated and corrected where necessary.  You will further understand why the separation had to be made between you ones and others who “appeared” to be thy mentors.  So be it for ye shall rise above those shackles and I shall clear thy mind of the chaff from those encounters.  Thy truth is 100% truth and none shall be allowed to deter you by their rampage.  Let no human stand against thee or me for I AM ATON and I hold thee within myself.


You must be given to understand the importance of the one Sananda who has again been sent and comes forth as a master teacher, a survivor of the Elders, the great men who lived on earth when “giants” roamed the planet.


There is a magnificent collection of artists, saints, scientists, Pharaohs, poets and, and, and---within a special placement for the purpose of now bringing forth the truths of evolvement.  There are some who are unknown and many who have survived within your historical myths to be remembered.  It is a wondrous “school” if you will consider it as such, and there is great fellowship for within these ones the race spirit ensouled itself into race leaders of the dim past---these leaders constitute the group that will continue to show you the way through the teachings.


This band of goodly entities are composed of entities who were of human men and women from other worlds, civilizations, and from other places in “time” and “space”.  They originally arrived on earth to assist mankind in its long climb from “beast hood” to “godhood”.  WELL, YOU MOST CERTAINLY NEED THESE ONES AGAIN!


These ones migrated to earth--the “dark star” planet of “sorrows”, as it was known---some eighteen millions of your years past and have continued to work ceaselessly and tirelessly in their gigantic task of acting as the Creator’s mentors to a backward, “fallen” race.  They have come into life as the legendary “gods” of the ancients, and later incarnated as rulers of the people.  As ancient ones touching forth on your planet in your generation, i.e. SFATH to B.M. in Switzerland who was actually THOTH of ancient mythology along with Osiris, Apollo, Mercury, etc.  I tell you this up front because it is most alien to your belief system for the Satanic intent has always been to discount the myths into false spirituality.  And yes, some will say you blaspheme and are a heretic but the world is ready and starving for truth and it all will fit with the “truth” in that which you call your Holy Books.  Further, it is most usual for the “receivers” of this documentation to tamper with it for the load is a heavy one indeed.


Ones such as Baal, Bacchus, Moloch, and other false gods were nothing but pure earth deities, and always became the ruling hierarchy in the pantheon of gods after a “Golden Age” had gone out in a blood-bath.  Great universal truth was brought to mankind through the instrumentality of beings from more enlightened worlds and an age where “men talked with the ‘angels’” inevitably followed only to decline and fall in decay when the mentorship was removed.  There is nothing “new” in extraterrestrial or angelic presences upon your place---you have just been led once more down the primrose path of lies into total ignorance.  You believe lies to be truth which are not even reasonable in thought process.  Reason and logic do not seem to influence that which you tend to “believe”.


Examples of such periods would be the eclipse of truth that followed after the death of the great Pharaoh Amunhotep IV (Akhnaton), the first ruler in history to declare his belief in one God; and the veil that was thrown over the Word of the Infinite Father after the Crucifixion on Golgotha, when truth-seeking mankind was literally thrown to ravening beasts and clandestine councils handed down edicts which deprived man of God-given knowledge and truth.


The “group of goodly wanderers” who volunteer to come into earthly existence--time and time again, have assisted mankind for thousands of years in all ages.  (Feel familiar?)  They would declare universal wisdom and truth at a certain period of history when man had been prepared to receive it and then they would withdraw for a time to see what man would do with the new-found knowledge.  Thus, the rises and plateau of man’s cultural history emerged.


During a hiatus of universal influx, man was ruled by powerful and aggressive earth spirits.  Examples of such periods would be the decadent rule in the colonies of the “Motherland” after the submergence of Lemuria and Atlantis; the idolatrous period of late dynastic Egypt; the perversion of licentiousness of Rome under the Caesars.


Legends of earth are rich in knowledge of the “Star People”, also referred to as the “Above People”---the Gods who came from the Sun or descended from Heaven to walk among mortals.  Behind these so-called myths, which at first appear to be the imagining and fantasies of superstitious people, you will find a logical answer to why man adored the immortals of Olympus and other fabled abodes of the great gods.  You will discover the startling truth behind the tales of the gods of classical mythology and the wondrous spirits of the Ancient ones.


The ancient scribes and prophets spoke literal truth when they told later generations that angels and gods had taken on mortal flesh--descended from their radiant heavenly homes--to lift the physical, mental and spiritual level of humanity on the “dark star” in the Father’s Cosmic House!


You will also come to know that there are fantastic historical treasures which constitute a great legacy for mankind hidden in secret chambers under some of the wonders of the world!  For example, the “four corners” (and this designates many areas which come clear in designation at the proper time) of the earth, enclose records that for millennia have been hidden from eyes of the seeking man.  These priceless accounts of the struggles and intrigues of your planet are even now beginning to seep into the light.  Knowledge is coming forth but for all truth that comes forth the negative and dense entities of your natural manifestation shroud them in lies.  Always at these times, well intentioned but ridiculous “do-gooders” get into the picture and scramble the signals.


The negative, opposing force which always intends to hold man back and keep him for ever in the dark chains of brutishness and beastliness has been behind the destruction of the great treasure-houses of remote antiquity.  Examples would be the destruction of the ATON TABLETS IN AKHATON’S RECORD SANCTUM BY THE EVIL AMUN PRIESTHOOD AFTER THE GREAT PHAROAH’S ASSASSINATION; the burning of the Alexandrian library by fanatics in A.D. 389, the largest most famous repository of antiquity, containing over seven hundred thousand volumes, comprising most of the literary treasures of the ancient world, an inestimable loss which brought about the “Dark Ages”; the total destruction of the Aztec libraries, where priceless codices were ravaged with fire and sword by Cortez in A.D. 1519 as he sacrificed untold treasures to greed and they were swallowed up in his incendiarism.


Certain secret orders have always managed to salvage or save universal truth, and on clay tablets, scrolls, papyri and now paper and magnetic discs they recorded the truth, so that future man might know---and in the knowing, the truth would make him free from the bondage of untold ages.


The old records were hidden in tombs, secret chambers, caverns, temple ruins, catacombs, and every secret recess and tunnel was utilized.  These records deal with the Most Ancient Wisdom and will be rediscovered in the years immediately ahead.  These truths have been secreted away--then discovered, only to be buried again after they served their purpose of revealing that which was to be known during a particular age and time in man’s spiritual development.


The records of which we will speak in this journal, at this time, are placed most securely and safely in the Peruvian mountains and in Guatemala (among the Quetzals) and in Mexico.  We will not be particular enough to divulge identities nor exact locations for it is not yet time for that.  The ancient records are well preserved and hidden and for the present, it must remain that way--‘tis now only the time of telling the history.


There are some terminologies which will help you attach this information unto other, for example, you must keep in mind that the world “lion” in the positive sense signifies divine truth in power and that is why the Christ is called “the lion”, etc.  The one called “Jesus” Christ was called “lion of the tribe of Judah”.  Further and most important indeed is the word, “Word”.  In its original sense, its first definition, means not sound, voice or speech, but rather it means “The Creation”, according to the divine laws, from the universal creative fluid, in the “tomb”, “cave”, or manger of the earth of that PERFECT ONE, which has the power to spiritualize and regenerate Adamic man.  For instance, your Bible tells you that “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word (Creation) that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”.




The WORD was prepared----“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.  Therefore, the “WORD”, the Divine Creative Influx was prepared on earth that man here might receive it in love and understanding.  This, that he might ascent to higher spiritual knowledge and wisdom because of this preparation.


An example of meaning would be when the Prophet Daniel saw a winged lion emerge from the sea; he saw the symbolic representation of the Word for a new “age” or “cycle” in which the Divine Truth of the Word sets out to conquer new spiritual territory.  It might serve well this day as you ones perceive yourselves.


For a bit more mythology, I shall describe some other symbolic examples.  Candidates who successfully passed the ancient Mithraic (we will get into this later) initiations were called “lions” and were marked upon their foreheads with the Egyptian cross.  Mithras himself is often pictured as the head of a lion and two pairs of wings.  The reference to the “Lion” and the “Grip of the Lion’s Paw” in the Master Mason’s degree have a strong Mithraic tinge and basically originated from that source.


The sun rising over the back of the lion has always been considered symbolic of power and rulership.  The Egyptian priests in many of their ceremonies wore the skins of lions, which were symbols of the great solar orb, owing to the fact that the sun is exalted, dignified, and most fortunately placed in the constellation of Leo the Lion.  Among the Egyptians the sun’s rays are often shown ending in human hands (ATON).  Masons will find a connection between these hands and the well-known “Paw of the Lion” which raises all things to life with its grip.


Yes, of course it becomes distorted---just as you ones might wear a cross about your neck.  One must always trace the myth back unto its birth in truth.


I am going into all of this because the sanctuaries of the ancient sacred treasures and truths are often referred to as places of the Lion--or sacred places (Places of the Sacred).

Anciently the corona of the sun was shown in the form of the mane of a lion which was a reminder of the fact that at one time the summer solstice took place in the sign of Leo, the Celestial Lion.  Initiates of the Egyptian Mysteries were sometimes called lions or panthers.  The lion was the emissary of the sun, symbolizing light, truth and regeneration.


The lion is considered to be king of the animal family, and, like the head of each kingdom, is sacred to the sun, whose rays are symbolized by the lion’s shaggy mane.  The allegories perpetuated by the mysteries such as that the one who opens the secret “book” is the lion, just as it is perpetuated that the solar power opens the seed-pods, releasing the spiritual life within.


There was also a curious belief among the ancients that the lion slept with its eyes open and was therefore chosen as the symbol of vigilance.  It is truly strange indeed, how myths begin and evolve, for the lion is ever alert but most certainly sleeps with its eyes closed and, in fact, if not endangered itself, sleeps as if in a coma.  Just as an owl symbolizes wisdom but is a most stupid bird indeed.


Nonetheless, this is the reason for placing the figure of a lion on either side of doors and gateways as an emblem of divine guardianship.  Now we get a few more clues--the figure of a lion was most frequently erected over any type of buried or hidden treasure.


Now, do not distract yourselves into other cultures---we are now speaking of ancient Egyptian culture where in the priests thought the cat symbolic of the magnetic forces of Nature, and they surrounded themselves with the animals for the sake of the astral fire which emanated from their bodies.  Such animals were symbols of eternity, for when they sleep they curl up into a ball with the head and tail touching---an endless circle.  It is important that you come into understanding as to how some things came to be traditional and legendary to allow the story to come to fruition.  Wrong conclusions are drawn from ignorance--always!


Further, the lion symbolizes Secret Wisdom.  King Solomon was often symbolized as a lion; to overcome this beast is to become a master of such wisdom.  You should further remember that Samson and Hercules both “conquered the lion”---the lion also represents one of the Four Corners of Creation.


Let us have a break, Dharma, before we go further into this dissertation for it will be a long and often boring unraveling of the façade of the tapestry.  History must be laid before the punch line.  So be it.


I move to stand-by and I request that you spend time with in quietness for this will be a most heavy task indeed.